Blight is the male tribute from District 7 in the 75th Hunger Games. He is Johanna Mason’s district partner.

The Definitive Glossary for The Hunger Games

Blight is part of the underground rebel network that fights to keep Katniss Everdeen alive in the Third Quarter Quell. Having been a victor himself and a mentor to several tributes from his district, Blight is friendly with the other tributes in the 75th edition of the Games.

Blight Character Profile

  • Name: Blight
  • Age: Mid 30’s
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of origin: District 7
  • Physical appearance: Fair skin, brown hair (film)
  • Skills: Most likely skilled with the ax
  • Strengths: Unknown 
  • Weaknesses: Unknown 
  • Loyalties: Rebel

Blight as a Victor

Blight is the victor of an Unspecified Hunger Games. He is in his mid-30s during the Third Quarter Quell. Thus, it can be speculated that he took part in any of the Hunger Games between the 51st and the 60th editions. Author Suzanne Collins does not specify how he won his Games. He likely had good survival skills, an excellent stylist who designed memorable costumes, and many sponsors.

After becoming a Victor, Blight most likely stayed in the Victors’ Village in District 7 and continued to mentor future generations of tributes. He probably mentored Johanna Mason in the 71st Hunger Games, as well as the tributes from District 7 in the 74th Hunger Games.

Blight in the Third Quarter Quell

Reaping and Interview

Blight is chosen as the male tribute from District 7 in the Third Quarter Quell. His district partner is Johanna Mason.

During the Tribute Parade, Blight is dressed as a tree to represent the primary industry of District 7: Lumber. In the movie, he wears a green full-bodysuit that is designed to resemble the bark of a tree, with a gray sleeveless overcoat. In the books, he probably wore a suit to match the female tribute, Johanna’s, with a leafy headdress and forest-green slippers.

Katniss does not remember seeing Blight during the training sessions. It is possible that he did not show up for the training at all or even if he did, he steered clear of Katniss and Peeta.

During the interview, Blight wears an orange vest with orange pants in the films. He holds hands with the rest of the tributes at the end of the interviews.

In the Arena

Blight survives the Initial Cornucopia Bloodbath alongside Johanna Mason. The pair of them form an alliance with the District 3 tributes, Wiress and Beetee. Johanna and Blight rescue Beetee after he is stabbed in the back at the Cornucopia. Blight and his allies escape into the jungle where they are caught in the blood rain section, which occurs in the 1 AM to 2 AM section of the arena. The humid weather around Blight and the others makes them think that a storm is soon to burst. However, as the rain begins pattering down, Blight and the others realize that the rain is made of thick hot blood.

As they are stumbling about, blinded by the blood, Blight hits the forcefield of the arena and dies after his heart stops beating. The blood rain continues for an hour, during which time, Johanna is left alone to take care of a nearly unconscious Beetee and a mentally unstable Wiress. Beetee’s death is signaled by the canon at the end of the blood-rain hour, at 2 AM.

“Thick, hot blood. You couldn’t see, you couldn’t speak without getting a mouthful. We just staggered around, trying to get out of it. That’s when Blight hit the force field.” 

“I’m sorry, Johanna,” says Finnick. It takes a moment to place Blight. I think he was Johanna’s male counterpart from District 7, but I hardly remember seeing him. Come to think of it, I don’t even think he showed up for training. 

“Yeah, well, he wasn’t much, but he was from home,” she says.”

‘Catching Fire’


How did Blight win the Hunger Games? 

It is not known how Blight won the Hunger Games. Coming from District 7, it is highly likely that Blight was skilled with the ax. He, therefore, might have won an unknown Hunger Games by killing other tributes with the ax.

Who killed Blight in the Hunger Games? 

No one kills Blight in the Hunger Games. Instead, he gets caught in the torrential blood rain and dies by hitting the force field, which causes his heart to stop beating. Blight is portrayed by actor Bobby Jordan in the ‘Hunger Games’ movies. Other actors in the movies include Jeffrey Wright and Amanda Plummer. Famous stunt doubles, including Jackson Spidell and Daniel Bernhardt, also worked in the movie.

Is Johanna in love with Finnick?

No, Johanna is not in love with Finnick Odair. She mentions in ‘Catching Fire’ that she does not have any loved ones living anymore. This is why she is such a huge threat to the Capitol, as the Capitol no longer has any leverage against her.

What Hunger Games did Blight win? 

Blight won any of the Hunger Games between the 51st to the 60th Hunger Games, as he is shown to be in his mid-30s during the Third Quarter Quell. Other competitors in the Third Quarter Quell include Katniss Everdeen, Woof, Cecelia, Gloss, Cashmere, Enobaria, Peeta Mellark, Chaff, Seeder, Mags, and Brutus. The Head Gamemaker is Plutarch Heavensbee. Haymitch Abernathy (who won the 50th Hunger Games) and Annie Cresta were also chosen during the ceremony before others volunteered to take their place.

Who is Blight in ‘The Hunger Games’?

Blight is the male tribute from District 7 in the 3rd Quarter Quell. He is also the victor of an unspecified Hunger Games. During the Games, he is a part of the rebel alliance and works to keep Katniss alive for the Second Rebellion. Finnick Odair (a career tribute whose weapon of choice is a trident) expresses sympathy towards Johanna upon Blight’s death, although he was never a close friend of hers. The duo hailed from District 7.

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