The bloodbath is a gory event that takes place at the beginning of every Hunger Games. Most often, a large number of tributes are killed in pursuit of weapons and supplies during the bloodbath.

The Definitive Glossary for The Hunger Games

It occurs in the Cornucopia and almost always claims the lives of the weakest tributes, leaving the rest of them to fight it out amongst themselves in the arena. It is for this reason that Katniss and Peeta are advised by their mentor to steer clear of the bloodbath from the very beginning.

What is the bloodbath in the Hunger Games?

The bloodbath occurred at the beginning of every Hunger Games when tributes desperately competed with each other for weapons, food, water, and other supplies in the Cornucopia. The event is usually marked by a large number of deaths that occur in quick succession. The bloodbath is likely orchestrated by the Gamemakers to weed out the weakest tributes, allowing for optimal entertainment. Usually, most Hunger Games ended with the Career tributes fighting it out amongst themselves in the bloodbath.

On average, about 8-12 tributes were killed in the initial bloodbath each time. The most deaths a bloodbath brought about was in the 50th Hunger Games, when 18 tributes were killed at the get-go. 

Where does the bloodbath occur? 

The bloodbath almost always occurred around the Cornucopia – a golden cone-shaped structure with a tail that launched tributes into the arena. The Cornucopia contained several desirable objects that would help the tributes survive. Thus, it was the main attraction in the arena, and most tributes fought their way into it, oftentimes meeting their deaths at the hands of their fellow tributes.


Mentors of the tributes devised several tactics to help their tributes survive the bloodbath. For instance, the Career tributes generally banded together, in the beginning, to take out some of the weaker tributes. This is one of the main reasons why Haymitch decided that Katniss and Peeta’s tactic to survive the bloodbath would be to run as far away from it as possible before the other tributes had a chance to look for them. However, this meant they would have nothing to survive on except what was available in the wild. This is why Katniss decided to grab a backpack from the outskirts of the Cornucopia before running away.

10th Hunger Games

The 10th Hunger Games was not as well developed as the later Hunger Games and therefore did not have a Cornucopia. Instead, the weapons and supplies were all haphazardly heaped around the middle of the arena. This was a bloodless bloodbath, as nobody died during the initial struggle for supplies.

50th Hunger Games

The 50th Hunger Games recorded the highest death toll in the initial bloodbath, with 18 tributes being killed. However, this edition of the Games had twice the number of tributes as usual, as per the rules of the Second Quarter Quell. Haymitch Abernathy, who won the Games, was the first one to acquire supplies from the Cornucopia and had escaped the bloodbath before the others could even realize what had happened. The others were most likely enthralled by the beauty of the arena and were only aroused by Haymitch’s actions. This was when the bloodbath began.

The 74th Hunger Games

11 tributes died in the bloodbath of the 74th Hunger Games. Although Katniss had been warned by Haymitch to run into the forest without looking back, she decided to pick up an orange backpack that was lying on the outskirts of the Cornucopia. She grappled with the District 9 male for the backpack until he was killed by Clove, the female tribute from District 2. Clove also aimed a knife at Katniss, who defended herself with her backpack before taking off for the woods, having gained a knife as well.

The 75th Hunger Games

8 tributes met their deaths in the opening bloodbath of the 75th Hunger Games. The Cornucopia, which held only weapons, was placed in the middle of a body of water, and the only way to get to it was by swimming. Katniss was able to swim to a bow and arrow, which she acquired, but was quickly targeted by the District 5 male from behind. She was saved by Finnick Odair, who killed the tribute with his trident. Finnick shows Katniss a golden bracelet on his hand, one he received from Haymitch, and Katniss understands that they are meant to be allies. The pair band together to drive off the career tributes from the Cornucopia.

Later, Katniss sees Peeta stuck on his podium, unable to swim. She decides to help him. However, Finnick offers his hand instead and rescues both Peeta and his district partner, Mags. The four of them form an alliance, grab as many weapons as they can, and head out into the forest.


Which tributes died in the bloodbath?

The bloodbath in the 74th Hunger Games was brutal. Everyone except Katniss, Peeta, Glimmer, Marvel, Cato, the District 3 male, the District 4 female, Foxface, the District 8 female, the District 10 male, Rue, and Thresh died in the bloodbath.

What is the Cornucopia in the Hunger Games?

The Cornucopia is the heart of the arena in the Hunger Games. It is a golden cone-shaped structure where the tributes are launched into the Games. It is also the place that provides weapons, food, and other supplies for survival in the arena and the site of the opening bloodbath.

What happens to the girl who lights a fire near Katniss?

The girl who lights a fire near Katniss in the 74th Hunger Games is murdered by the pack of career tributes.

Is there cannibalism in the Hunger Games?

There have been instances of cannibalism in the Hunger Games. However, it is strictly frowned upon by the Capitol. Tributes who engage in cannibalism can expect a planned death by the Gamemakers.

What is injected under Katniss’ skin before the Games?

Before Katniss is launched into the arena, she is injected with a tracking device that helps the Gamemakers keep track of her movements. The device also allows the Gamemakers to find her body if she dies in the arena easily.

How many times did District 12 win the Hunger Games?

District 12 has won the Hunger Games a total of 3 times. Lucy Gray Baird won the 10th Hunger Games, while Haymitch Abernathy won the second Quarter Quell. Katniss and Peeta both won the 74th Hunger Games.

Who saves Katniss from Clove?

Thresh, the male tribute from District 11, saves Katniss from Clove. He does so in order to pay Katniss back for showing kindness to Rue in the arena.

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