Foxface is the District 5 female tribute in the 74th Hunger Games. Nicknamed “Foxface” by Katniss, she was extremely clever and placed fourth in the Games.

The Definitive Glossary for The Hunger Games

Foxface was one of the few tributes with the luck to ever come so far in the Games without a single kill. She died by consuming the poisonous Nightlock Berries that Peeta Mellark had gathered for himself and Katniss Everdeen.

Foxface Character Profile

  • Name: Foxface
  • Age: 15
  • Gender: Female
  • Place of origin: District 5
  • Height: 5’5 (according to the Tribute Guide)
  • Physical appearance: Fox-like appearance, amber eyes, sleek red hair
  • Skills: Stealth, foraging, knowledge of various plants
  • Strengths: Intelligence
  • Weaknesses: Unskilled in any particular weapon
  • Weapons: Knife
  • Loyalties: Unknown


Foxface was possibly the most intelligent tribute in the 74th Hunger Games. She was quick and clever, constantly devising strategies to outsmart the remaining tributes. Foxface was also light-footed and stealthy, which helped her stay hidden for most of the Games.

Physical Description

Foxface is described by Katniss as possessing a sly, fox-like appearance (hence, the nickname). She is of average height and build and is known to have red hair, fox ears, and amber eyes.

Strategy for Winning

As a sneaky tribute, Foxface’s main strategy for winning was to keep a reasonable distance from the rest of the tributes and let the others fight it out amongst themselves. For the most part, this strategy worked very well for her, as she survived to the Top 4.

Foxface executed her strategy in two ways: by making herself as unnoticeable as possible and by foraging/stealing enough food to survive. As such, Foxface stayed well hidden from the Career Pack, never getting in their way for the majority of the Games. However, Foxface stayed close to the Cornucopia as she wanted to steal food and supplies from the Career’s camp. She managed to conceal her actions by not only figuring out a path around the landmines at the Cornucopia but also stealing an unnoticeable amount of food from the Careers’ camp.


Foxface was one of the stealthiest tributes in the arena. However, she was also a forgettable tribute, working independently, never joining any alliances, and keeping to herself most of the Games. At one point, Katniss deliberated, inviting her to join her alliance with Rue. However, she gave up on that idea as she realized that Foxface was too clever to be trustworthy. As such, Foxface never developed any noteworthy relationships.

Major Events: The 74th Hunger Games

Foxface was one of the few tributes Katniss noticed at the Reaping, due to her distinctive fox-like appearance.

At the Tribute Parade, Foxface and her fellow male tribute wore outfits to symbolize their district’s main export: power. The books do not describe their outfits for the chariot ride. However, the films show their outfits to be shiny silver costumes with a large silvery headpiece.

Foxface appeared wily and elusive at her interview with Caesar Flickerman at the Capitol, giving quick, short, and unremarkable answers to most questions. In the movie, Foxface wore a blue strapless dress with a ruffled skirt and animal ear-like braids. She also showed off her knowledge of plants through a matching test during her private training session with the Gamemakers. In the movie, Foxface receives a low training score of 5 at the training center. She is the only tribute to have received the same score as her district’s number.

At the beginning of the Games, Foxface ran straight into safety of the woods, away from the Cornucopia Bloodbath. This was a smart move as she was neither strong nor skilled enough to fight the other tributes. In the movie, however, her and Katniss bump into each other and run in different directions with scared expressions on their face. In the arena, Foxface managed to stay alive by remaining hidden and avoiding confrontation, while foraging and scavenging. Her real skill, however, was stealing food from the bulk of supplies at the Cornucopia.

When Katniss devises a plan to bring about the destruction of the Careers’ pyramid of supplies, she notices Foxface jumping around the supplies, doing a strange dance sequence with a variety of movements to steal some food. This alerts Katniss to the fact that the supplies were booby-trapped with land mines. Katniss realizes that Foxface has managed to figure out a path to avoid the landmines, and has been stealing small unnoticeable amount of supplies from the Careers’ food supply all this while. Katniss then manages to blow up the Career’s pyramid of useful supplies in a huge explosion, by shooting arrows at a bag of apples and scattering the apples into the explosives in the ground.

During the Feast, Foxface is the first to get her district’s bag. Before anyone could realize what was happening, Foxface grabs her bag and runs away. Katniss regrets not coming up with this strategy herself as it was so simple and effective. Foxface’s green pack at the Feast contained food as that was what she needed most then.

Foxface, however, meets her end by the effects of the Nightlock Berries gathered by Peeta. Katniss assumes that it was Peeta’s innocence that tricked her, as Foxface would never have been willingly deceived otherwise. Katniss also concludes that Foxface would have died soon anyway from a lack of food supplies, as she sees her emaciated body being drawn up by the hovercraft. However, given Foxface’s extensive knowledge of plants, it is likely that she knew the berries were poisonous and ate them to kill herself.

Foxface soon comes back into the arena as a wolf muttation. Her DNA is infused with one of the wolfish muttations. Foxface’s mutt is most likely the shortest one with similar characteristics as Foxface, with fire-red fur, amber eyes and large razor-sharp claws.


Who killed Foxface in the Hunger Games?

Foxface was unwittingly killed by Peeta when he gathered some Nightlock Berries without knowing that they were poisonous. It is speculated that Foxface ate these poison berries either by accident or on purpose to commit suicide.

What is Foxface’s actual name?

Foxface’s true name is never revealed in the book. An early version of the script for the movie, however, has Caesar Flickerman and Claudius Templesmith mentioning her name as “Marissa” during the time of the interviews.

Would Foxface have won the Hunger Games?

The fact that Foxface placed fourth in the Hunger Games is a true testament to her cleverness. However, it might have been difficult for her to win the Hunger Games based on tactics, clever ideas and strategies alone, especially when career tributes such as Cato were alive.

Did Foxface know the berries were poisonous?

It is speculated that Foxface might have known that the berries were poisonous. Foxface showed off her skills of plant-matching during her training with the Gamemakers. As such, she likely knew the berries were poisonous and consumed them willing to take herself out of the game.

Why was Katniss scared of Foxface?

Katniss viewed Foxface as a real enemy because she realized how clever her strategies were. As such, Katniss marked Foxface out as a tribute to keep an eye on.

What score did Foxface get?

The Hunger Games novels do not mention the training score that Foxface received. However, the films show Foxface receiving a training score of 5.

Who portrayed Foxface in the Hunger Games movies?

Actress Jacqueline Emerson portrayed Foxface in the Hunger Games movies. The actress mentions that she made up a little story to explain the silent attribute of Foxface in the movies.

Was Foxface in the 75th Hunger Games?

No, Foxface was not in the 75th Hunger Games. The contestants of the 75th Hunger Games included previous years’ Victors such as Johanna Mason and Finnick Odair.

What did Foxface do at the upcoming event of the Feast?

Once the table rose and before the other tributes could grab their own bags from the ruins of the explosion, Katniss saw the stealthy Foxface run and grab her backpack while the others were still consumed in their own thoughts.

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