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Book Analysis is constantly working with the ambition to be the largest database of book summaries and analyses on the internet, helping students and book fanatics get a deeper understanding of their favorite literature.

Since its birth, the website has grown in strength, propelled by a team of literature experts who passionately delve into the deep realm of literature. Their commitment ensures a continuous expansion of our database, enriching our platform with profound literary analysis and captivating insights gathered.


The website Poem Analysis was founded by William Green back in 2020. Will started a website on revision material for students in 2009, called Ask Will Online, most notably to help him with his own studies. As with most English Literature educational syllabuses, Will analyzed poetry and quickly learned it was an area that people liked to read and talk about online – Poem Analysis was born.

After success with Poem Analysis, Will wanted to expand to summarize, analyze and review books from the four corners of the world. He found most websites tended to target poems and literature relating to education and schools. This is great, but what about targeting everything?

Both Poem Analysis and Book Analysis aim to provide the most detail about poetry, books, novels, and general literature, regardless of how popular it is or not. For students, we have the right material. For general interest readers, you’ll find some brilliant new novels, and old ones that can help you appreciate and understand novels you may have read. Knowledge is empowering, and it brings great joy that it is offered on both these websites for free.

Our Team

Our team is composed of a carefully curated selection of exceptional literature experts. With a shared passion for books and a deep understanding of literary analysis, our team brings together diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. We are dedicated to providing insightful and comprehensive book analysis that resonates with our readers and enriches their understanding of literature.

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William Green

Owner of Book Analysis
Masters in Automotive Engineering and has worked with McLaren. He uses his experience now as a Lead manager, SEO guru, and Technical and Web strategy lead. He is also a massive literary fan.

Enzo Persson Biography

Enzo Persson

Assistant Technical Lead
Enzo has years of experience managing websites. His work includes Website management, Content management, Web design, Web functionality, UX specialist, and SEO specialist.

Writer Emma Baldwin

Emma Baldwin

Lead Author/Editor
BA in English, minor in Creative Writing, BFA in Fine Art, and BA in Art Histories.

Writer Mohandas Alva

Mohandas Alva

Master’s degree in English literature. Passionate about literature, philosophy, and science. Massive fan of the Harry Potter series.

Writer Lee-James Bovey

Lee-James Bovey

English Teacher by day, literature fanatic by night. Has been a Book Analysis team member from the start.

Writer Neesha Thunga

Neesha Thunga

Degree in MA English. Several years of teaching English and writing for various organizations.

Writer Israel Njoku

Israel Njoku

Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. Former Magazine Editor for literary-focused magazines.

Writer Jacob Campbell

Jacob Campbell

BA in English from Adam State University, Minor in Creative Writing, literature enthusiast.

Writer Fave Ehimwenma

Fave Ehimwenma

BA in History and International Studies. Proficient writer, researcher, and content creator.

Writer Miz Alb

Miz Alb

Degree in English Literature, Passionate reader, and a literature fanatic.

Writer Onyeka Osuji

Onyeka Osuji

Lecturer of Public Administration, Accreditation in English Literature, Short story author, Academic.

Writer Michael Chude

Michael Chude

B.Sc with an emphasis on literature, having co-founded a book club. Lots of experience analyzing and critiquing books and writing flash fiction.

Writer Victor Onuorah

Victor Onuorah

Degree in Journalism, prolific writer, and avid reader.

Writer Joshua Ehiosun

Joshua Ehiosun

Over five years of expertise in writing and analyzing literature with a burning passion for literary works, especially Game of Thrones.

Writer Charles Asoluka

Charles Asoluka

Experienced content creator, writer, and literary critic. Has written for multiple reputable media organizations.

Chioma Julie Profile Picture

Chioma Julie

BA in Mass Communication. English Literature teacher, author, and literature lover.

Writer Ugo Juliet

Ugo Juliet

B.Sc with an emphasis on literature, and has written books and articles for various organizations for over 10 years.

Each member of our team has a profound appreciation of the power of literature and its ability to inspire, educate, and entertain. Our collective knowledge allows us to offer well-rounded and thoughtful perspectives on a wide range of literary works and genres.


We want to contribute back to the world by supporting Teenage Cancer Trust, as well as Alzheimer’s Research on Poem Analysis, along with Ocean Conservancy and World Animal Protection through our site Ocean Info.

teenage cancer trust transparent

Teenage Cancer Trust is UK’s charity for young cancer patients. Specialized care, support, and events. Empowering young patients.

alzheimers research uk transparent

Alzheimer’s Research UK is the leading dementia research charity in the UK with the vision of a dementia-free world.

ocean conservancy

Ocean Conservancy is protecting and restoring oceans worldwide. Science-based solutions and policy advocacy for a thriving marine ecosystem.

World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection is a global animal welfare organization. Ending cruelty, protecting habitats, promoting sustainability. Protecting and respecting animals worldwide.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every person who visits Book Analysis, Poem Analysis, and Ocean Info. Your browsing directly supports our ability to contribute to meaningful charities that hold personal significance to us. Your support means the world to us, as many of us have been personally touched by their missions. Thank you for making a difference with us.

The Future of Book Analysis

The future of Book Analysis is filled with excitement and innovation. We’re working behind the scenes on incredible ideas to improve our content, website, and overall literature experience. Our team is researching diverse literary works and delivering comprehensive analyses for you to enjoy. We strive to enhance our user experience, creating a visually captivating and user-friendly platform for you to navigate through. Stay tuned for surprises and innovations as we remain at the forefront of literary analysis. Together, let’s continue on our transformative journey of Book Analysis.

Next Steps

How to Best Enjoy Book Analysis

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, our origins, and our core values, we encourage you to delve deeper into the fascinating world of books. Step in and uncover a wealth of reviews and analyses to fuel your love for literature with new perspectives.

  • Use our search function on top of every page, or dive into our specific pages below.
  • Authors – Dive into our vast author biographies collection. Use our convenient filters to sort alphabetically.
  • Books – Explore endless possibilities as you filter your search by genre, author, and rating to discover your literary gem.
  • Terms – Unveil the secrets of the literary realm through our comprehensive guide to literary terminology. Delve into the meanings and nuances of essential terms. Some noticeable books we have made glossaries for include:

Want to take a break from books?

Poem Analysis – Step into our poetry universe, where you can explore the best poems, discover the best poets, view our incredible list of educational syllabuses, and more. Sign up to Poetry+ to get the ultimate poetry experience.

Ocean Info – Immerse yourself in a world of fascinating sea-related topics, ranging from marine life to ocean exploration, rivers, significant geographical areas, sailing, and more.

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