Glimmer is the District 1 female tribute during the 74th Hunger Games. She is tall, blonde, and beautiful and is a part of the Career Pack.

The Definitive Glossary for The Hunger Games

Glimmer was killed during the halfway mark of the Games by Katniss Everdeen, who dropped a nest of tracker jackers on the Career Pack.

Glimmer Character Profile

  • Name: Glimmer Belcourt
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Female
  • Place of origin: District 1
  • Height: 5’7 (according to the Tribute Guide)
  • Physical appearance: Silky blond hair, green eyes, fair skin.
  • Skills: Unknown
  • Strengths: Charming personality
  • Weaknesses: Unskilled in any particular weapon
  • Weapons: Bow and arrow, Knife (movie), Sword (movie)
  • Loyalties: Most likely a supporter of the Capitol


Glimmer, much like the other Career Tributes, had an attractive and charming personality. She carried herself gracefully and spoke well at the interview with Caesar Flickerman, earning herself several sponsors in the Games. However, she was also arrogant as a Career Tribute and vicious in her attacks.

Physical Description

Glimmer is described by Katniss as being beautiful. She is tall, with emerald green eyes and long blond hair. During the pre-Games interview, Glimmer wears a provocative sheer gold dress that shows off her attractive body.

History and Background

Glimmer comes from District 1, which specializes in the production and export of luxury goods. Her father produces flowers (specifically tulips) out of finely-wrought crystal. This is most likely where Glimmer got her distinctive name from.


Glimmer was image-conscious, which is extremely important to gaining sponsors during the Hunger Games. She was highly skilled at using her appearance to make herself appealing to the public.


Glimmer is the only known Career Tribute who was not skilled at any particular weapon. This left her vulnerable to attack in the Games.

Major Events: The 74th Hunger Games

Glimmer comes from a Career District. She, therefore, most likely trained specially for the Hunger Games and volunteered for the 74th Hunger Games.

During the Tribute Parade, Glimmer and her district partner, Marvel, had their bodies painted silver and wore bejeweled tunics to represent their district’s main industry – luxury goods.

During the pre-Games interview, Glimmer had a clear “angle” as Katniss puts it, and sought to make herself as attractive as possible. As such, Glimmer wore a provocative gold dress and put on a charming personality for the viewers.

Glimmer’s tribute token, which was a ring, was the only one to be confiscated before the Games. This is because the gemstone on her ring, if twisted, doubled as a weapon (namely a poisonous spike). However, Glimmer claimed not to have known of the weapon’s existence and was, therefore, not penalized.

During the Games, Glimmer survived the Cornucopia bloodbath. She banded together with the rest of the Career Pack and took over the Cornucopia (which contained most of the weapons and supplies in the arena). Glimmer claimed the bow and arrows that Katniss had been eyeing and used the same up until her death. However, Katniss observes that she was a “poor shot” with the bow and arrow.

Glimmer, along with the rest of the Career Pack, hunted Katniss down and chased her up a tree. She tried to shoot at Katniss with an arrow, but fortunately for Katniss, she missed. Once Cato realized that he was too heavy to climb the tree to reach Katniss, Glimmer took over. However, she was not as skilled in climbing trees as Katniss was and was, therefore, unable to reach the top branches where Katniss was hiding.

At Peeta’s suggestion, the Career Pack decided to camp underneath the tree for the night, a decision that proved fatal for Glimmer. With the help of Rue, who brings her awareness to a nest of tracker jackers nearby, Katniss saws off the branch holding the tracker jacker nest and allows it to fall on top of the Career Pack. Peeta Mellark, Marvel, Clove, and Cato manage to flee to the lake, thereby escaping the venom from tracker jacker stings (which can cause hallucinations and even death). However, the girl from District 4 and Glimmer are not as fortunate. They die from multiple tracker jacker stings. By the time Katniss finds her, Glimmer’s beautiful appearance was grotesquely distorted by multiple plum-sized wounds that oozed green pus. Katniss then broke several of Glimmer’s fingers in order to prise away the bow and arrows from her stiff and swollen hands.

Relationship with Katniss and Peeta

Glimmer targets Katniss throughout the Games and viciously tries to take her life on several occasions. However, Katniss is the one to take Glimmer’s life in the end.

Katniss is visited by Glimmer once more after her death, in the form of the wolf muttations. The wolf muttations combined the DNA of the fallen tributes with the DNA of wolves, and Katniss recognized one of them as possessing the DNA that belonged to Glimmer. This particular wolf mutt had silky blond fur, emerald green eyes, and a collar with the number “1” emblazoned on it. Katniss killed the mutt with an arrow to its throat

Katniss is haunted by both Glimmer’s gruesome death as well as her disturbing appearance as a wolf mutt for the rest of her life and is regularly visited by nightmares featuring Glimmer’s grotesque body or her emerald green eyes in the wolf mutt.

Peeta interacted with Glimmer much more than Katniss ever did when he joined forces with the Career Pack during the Games. As such, he was most likely shaken by her death and her appearance as a wolf muttation as well.


Did Cato love Glimmer or Clove?

In the films, Glimmer is shown flirting with Cato from time to time. However, Cato does not reciprocate Glimmer’s feelings as he leaves her to die by the tracker jackers. On the other hand, Cato is genuinely upset and feels a lot of pain when his district mate Clove, is killed. This shows that he cared for Clove more than he cared for Glimmer.

What is Glimmer’s full name in The Hunger Games?

Glimmer’s full name in the Hunger Games is Glimmer Belcourt. Glimmer was the District 1 female tribute in the 74th Hunger Games.

How old was Glimmer in The Hunger Games?

Glimmer was 17 years old when she was chosen as a tribute for the 74th Hunger Games. She was played by actress Leven Rambin in the films.

How old were the characters in The Hunger Games?

The characters who participated in the Hunger Games were between the age of 12 and 18. For instance, Katniss Everdeen and Gale Hawthorne (played by Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth) were 16 and 18 years old, respectively.

How tall is Marvel in The Hunger Games?

Marvel, the male tribute from District 1, is 6 ‘3 tall.

How old are the youngest in the Hunger Games?

The youngest tributes to take part in the Hunger Games are only 12 years old.

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