Cashmere is the victor of the 64th Hunger Games. She is also the female tribute from District 1 in the 75th Hunger Games.

The Definitive Glossary for The Hunger Games

Cashmere is the sister of Gloss, who is also chosen as tribute for the Third Quarter Quell. The siblings are, therefore, some of the most formidable opponents that Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark face in the arena.


Cashmere Character Profile

  • Name: Cashmere
  • Age: Late 20s (Catching Fire)
  • Gender: Female
  • Place of origin: District 1
  • Physical appearance: Classically beautiful, flowing blond curls
  • Skills: Throwing knives
  • Strengths: Trained in combat
  • Weaknesses: Arrogant 
  • Loyalties: Unknown

Physical Description

Cashmere is a drop-dead diva with blonde curly hair. This is probably the reason she was prostituted by President Snow in the Capitol.

Cashmere is also most likely stronger than the other tributes in the Third Quarter Quell owing to her youth as well as the training she received as a Career Tribute tribute in District 1.

Cashmere as a Victor

Cashmere participated in the 64th Hunger Games as the female tribute from District 1. This was merely one year after her brother Gloss won the 63rd Hunger Games. It is most likely that Cashmere volunteered for the Games. Further, being a Career Tribute with a brother as a Victor, she probably received many wealthy gifts from sponsors. This most likely offered her a huge advantage in the arena. Fans also speculate that being a Career Tribute, Cashmere killed several tributes, thus securing her place as a Victor in the 64th Games.

Cashmere was likely mentored by her brother during her Games. After becoming a Victor, Cashmere along with Gloss, most likely mentored Glimmer and Marvel in the 74th Hunger Games.

Cashmere in the Third Quarter Quell


Cashmere is reaped along with her brother Gloss for the Third Quarter Quell from District 1. While Cashmere and Gloss might have volunteered for their first Games, it is unlikely they volunteered again in the 75th annual Hunger Games. Much like other victors, they are unhappy with the Capitol for breaking their promise of never calling victors back into the arena. Both express these concerns in the pre-Games interview with Caesar Flickerman and try to garner sympathy from the Capitol residents in order to stop the injustice of the games. 

Haymitch Abernathy mentions that Cashmere and Gloss are Capitol favorites, which means that they are most likely to have several sponsors in the arena.


During the training sessions, Cashmere and Gloss show their specialties with throwing knives by taking out two targets at once with a single shot. The siblings interact with Katniss in the hammock-making station, where Katniss decides that she cannot become allies with them. Her attempts to get close to them were simply mediocre. The siblings also interact with other tributes, some of whom they appear to be friendly with from previous Games. Cashmere received a high score, as noted by Katniss, during her private training session with the Gamemakers.


Cashmere is full of disdain towards Katniss’s wedding dress which she wears to the pre-Games interview. She likely thinks Katniss is being ridiculous for pandering to the Capitol. 

In the films, Cashmere and Gloss are interviewed together, while they are interviewed separately in the book. During her interview, Cashmere comments on how the Capitol must be miserable at seeing some of their favorite victors enter the arena once again. She is successfully able to amp up the discontent within the audience with her speech. At the end of the interview, Cashmere holds hands with the rest of the tributes to show her solidarity with them as they take a stand against the injustice of the Third Quarter Quell.

In the Arena

Cashmere belongs to the Career Pack which includes Gloss, Brutus, and Enobaria. Cashmere and the Career Pack reach the Cornucopia after Katniss and Finnick. Cashmere is not involved in any altercations, as far as Katniss is aware. From the Cornucopia, Cashmere grabs several throwing daggers and knives, which she secures to her waistband.

Cashmere and Gloss are not a part of the rebel network, and as such, they form the most significant opponents of the rebel alliance. The rebel alliance includes Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Johanna Mason, Finnick Odair, Beetee Latier, and Wiress.

On the second day of the Games, the Career Pack gets into an altercation with the rebel alliance, with Gloss slitting Wiress’ throat. Katniss shoots Gloss with an arrow in retaliation and kills him. Enraged, Cashmere charges toward Katniss when Johanna digs her ax into Cashmere’s chest. The cannon immediately sounds out her death. Her body is then thrown into the water as the Cornucopia spins at the end of the hour. Brutals and Enobaria manage to survive and escape. Cashmere places 10th out of 24 tributes in the novel, while she places 9th in the film.


What happened to Cashmere after winning?    

After winning the 64th Hunger Games, Cashmere lived a life of luxury in the Victor’s Village of District 1. As a Victor, she and her family were given a mansion to live in, with enough food and supplies to last a lifetime.

Was Finnick Odair trafficked?   

Yes, according to Finnick’s revelation in the rebel propo, he was trafficked by President Snow in the Capitol. He also mentions that the President sold the bodies of desirable victors, which most likely included Cashmere and Gloss as well.

What is Cashmere’s personality in The Hunger Games?   

Cashmere is described by Katniss as “polite but cool”. She is highly dignified in her interview and stands up against the injustice of the 75th Hunger Games. In the arena, Cashmere is deadly, as she is extremely strong as well as confident in her ability to throw knives. Stephanie Leigh Schlund portrayed Cashmere in the Hunger Games universe.

Who wins the 75th Hunger Games? 

The 75th Hunger Games did not have a Victor as the Games were not concluded. Katniss blew up the arena by shooting an electrified arrow at the force field. This brought an end to the Hunger Games and signaled the beginning of the Second Rebellion.

How did Cashmere win the 64th Hunger Games?    

Cashmere most likely won the 64th Hunger Games through a combination of sponsor gifts and her own strength and skill in the arena. Hailing from District 1 (a Career District), Cashmere most likely received training for the Games from a very young age.

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