The Stranger

Albert Camus

The Stranger Analysis

‘The Stranger’ was part of a cycle of Camus’s works that focuses on alienation and the absurd.

The Stranger Character List

‘The Stranger’ operates in a world that feels exceedingly ordinary, with a range of different characters in the novel.

The Stranger Historical Context

‘The Stranger’ was Albert Camus’s first novel and an important illustration of the absurdist world view. It was published as L’Étranger in Paris in 1942.

The Stranger Quotes

‘The Stranger’ contains some thought-provoking quotes, looking at life decisions, religion, memory, and the indifference of the world.

The Stranger Review

‘The Stranger’ by Albert Camus tells the story of an exceedingly average man living what appears to be a mundane life.

The Stranger Summary

‘The Stranger; by Albert Camus tells the strange and baffling story of a young shipping clerk, Meursault, and the surprising ways he reacts to the world around him.

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