Anna Todd's 'After' is a young adult romance novel that combines the emotionality of hate-romance and the strive to love a person with cold affection and a haunted past.

After Review ⭐

‘After’ utilizes first-person descriptions of events. The book uses short sentences and less complex figures of speech.

After Quotes 💬

Throughout the book, quotes are sparked to life to perfectly describe a feeling, event, and action. ‘After’ accurately integrates characters intended action and emotion through quotes.

After Character List 📖

Each character in ‘After’ is brought to life by their interactions with the main characters, Tessa and Hardin. The characters exhibit flexibility and an ability to affect the main characters’ life from a passive perspective.

After Themes and Analysis 📖

The main ideology and message behind ‘After’ is one filled with love, hate, romance, the terrors of the past, and betrayal. ‘After’ shows it all, how we feel when we do not want to let go because of love.

After Historical Context 📖

‘After’ is a post-modernist romance novel originally written out of fanfiction. The main inspiration for ‘After’ was the boyband One Direction.

After Summary 📖

To this date ‘After’ remains Anna Todd’s master piece. The book elaborately explains the height to which we can go when we fall in love, ‘After’ perfectly explains the statement of ages, ‘love is blind.’