Anna Todd’s Best 8 Books Ranked 📚

From a daydreaming young wife to an author of more than ten books with two adapted into films, Anna Todd’s books have left a mark on the lives of its readers.

Anna Todd

American Author

Since 2014, after her first book ‘After’ was published, Anna Todd has created nine more books, from the ‘After’ series to her latest book, ‘The Brightest Stars.’ Though the vast majority of her books have rested on the ‘After’ series, they are still very worthy of attention.

Anna Todd's Best Books


After by Anna Todd Digital Art
After Digital Art

After is Anna Todd’s most popular book to date, the book that rose her fame and status, from being an ordinary fan-fiction writer to being a full-fledged author.

‘After’ tells the story of Tessa, a young, beautiful, conservative 18-year-old college freshman. Tessa already has her life planned out by her mother, Carol, a controlling, beautiful blonde woman. Though her father walks out on her and her mother is a college dropout, Tessa is hell-bent on making the most out of her life.

In college, Tessa meets Steph, a tattooed girl with a carefree attitude. Against the advice of her mother, Tessa decides to be in the same room with Steph. Soon after, she meets Hardin, a tattooed, rude guy with a British accent. Tessa dislikes Hardin at first, but as time goes on, her strong feelings of hate for him transcend into feelings of affection. Tessa feels guilty about her newly found emotions for Hardin because she was dating Noah, her long-time high school boyfriend.

Tessa eventually breaks up with Noah for Hardin as she falls deeply in love with him. Problems ensue between Tessa and her mother, making Tessa’s mom cut her off. However, she decides to move into an apartment with Hardin. Tessa enjoys the love she shared with Hardin even though there were issues along the way until everything came crashing when Tessa realized Hardin had lied to her all along. She discovers he made a bet with Zed as to who could get to dis-virgin her first. Tessa leaves Hardin shattered and heartbroken.

After We Collided

After We Collided by Anna Todd Digital Art
After We Collided Digital Art

The events of After We Collided‘ take place after Tessa leaves Hardin. The story ensues with a broken Tessa who desperately tries to pick up the pieces of her life. With an estranged mom and nowhere to go, Tessa decides to stay in a motel before she leaves for the planned trip to the agency where she was an intern. Meanwhile, Hardin had desperately been trying to get back to her, all to no avail. Hardin tries to tell Tessa he had truly and still loved her, but Tessa can’t trust him anymore.

In Seattle, Tessa gets drunk and calls Hardin. He comes to where she was, and she was so drunk she slept with him. Tessa realizes she is still in love with Hardin, and she can’t get over him. Soon she starts trusting him again. Tessa eventually gets to meet Hardin’s mother, and they spend Christmas together, though Tessa acted like she and Hardin were still together.

Tessa and Hardin fight again after Tessa discovered Hardin had filmed having sex with another girl as part of a bet. A heartbroken Tessa asks for time apart again. Hardin writes her a letter explaining it had been long since he did what he did, and Tessa still forgives him. The book ends with Tessa and Hardin walking on the street when Tessa sees a man and calls him dad.

After We Fell

The book follows directly after the previous one. ‘After We Fell’ focuses on Tessa and her father’s relationship. Tessa finally gets to meet her father, but not the way she imagined. Tessa’s father had been homeless and addicted to drugs, she wants to take him in, but Hardin gets very sceptical. The book ends with Hardin finding out Ken isn’t his father instead, Vance was his father; this completely shatters Hardin.

After Ever Happy

Technically the ending of Tessa and Hardin’s story, ‘After Ever Happy’ is a roller coaster of emotions. From Hardin burning down his childhood home to Tessa finding her dad dead, ‘After Ever Happy’ isn’t a happy book. Tessa finds out about her condition and inability to conceive, which shatters her. Eventually, Tessa gets pregnant for Hardin years later but has a miscarriage. ‘After Ever Happy’ ends with Tessa and Hardin finally married and eventually having children.


Though the last part of the ‘After’ series, ‘Before’ is based on the past. This time instead of the narrative being from Tessa’s perspective, it is from Hardin’s. ‘Before’ focuses solely on Hardin’s life. The book explores Hardin’s life unlike any of the books before as it showed his life before he met Tessa when he met Tessa, and after ‘After.’

The Spring Girls

‘The Spring Girls’ is a relatively new book by Anna Todd. ‘The Spring Girls’ follow the lives of four sisters Meg, Beth, Jo, and Amy. With their soldier father on tour in Iraq and their secretive mother, they have one goal; to build a life they have always wanted, a life outside the humble lifestyle they lived. With each sister having her ambition, they all set out to make sure that their dreams are a reality even with the fears and hurdles.

Nothing More

‘Nothing More’ is a book derived from a character in the ‘After’ series, Landon Gibson. After moving to New York with his girlfriend, Landon tries to adjust to the fast-paced and different life the big apple offers. However, everything goes sideways for him as he gets dumped by Dakota. Though Landon is a person with smiles and optimism, he has to fight and win the challenges New York brings.

Nothing Less

‘Nothing Less’ is the sequel to ‘Nothing More.’ It follows six months after Landon’s breakup with his long-time girlfriend, Dakota. The story still follows Landon, who is trying to pick up the pieces of his life after his breakup. Things quickly go sideways when Landon finds a new love interest, and Dakota resurfaces. Landon ultimately has to decide two choices which are more of a dilemma as he has to choose between his long-time high school lover or his newfound love.

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