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Anna Todd is widely popular for her work on the ‘After’ series, particularly the book ‘After,’ which garnered a massive read and criticism. Anna Renee Todd is an American screenwriter and author whose work has been vastly recognized among the most read books online with over 1.5 billion reads, according to Wattpad. Being popular for her work in the ‘After’ book series, Anna Todd’s books have and will continue to shape the way young adults view romance.

Life Facts

  • Anna R. Todd was born on March 20, 1989, in Dayton, Ohio, United States.
  • Anna Todd met and married her husband, Jordan Todd, a US soldier at age 18.
  • Anna Todd started writing ‘After’ in 2013.
  • Anna Todd and Jordan Todd have a son, Asher.

Interesting Facts

  • ‘After’ was originally written on Wattpad.
  • Before Anna Todd became famous, she tried going back to college, she tried to be a nurse, scientist, and English major.
  • Anna Todd wrote ‘After,’ inspired by her fandom of the boyband, One Direction.
  • Anna Todd wrote the entire ‘After’ book from her phone and dedicated 5 hours daily to writing, even when she stood in grocery lines.
  • Anna Todd originally called Hardin Harry Styles after One Direction’s lead singer.

Famous Books by Anna Todd

After‘ follows the story of an 18-year-old college freshman, Tessa, who falls in love with a rude and arrogant boy Hardin. Tessa’s love for Hardin makes her dive deep into the world of romance, exploring parts of her life she had always wanted to explore but couldn’t due to a controlling mother. Soon secrets about Tessa and Hardin’s love unveil, leaving Tessa completely heartbroken.

After We Collided is the sequel to anna Todd’s first book. The novel follows the events after Tessa leaves Hardin. Though she still loves him, Tessa feels she can never trust a person like Hardin ever again. However, Tessa finds herself wanting Hardin, and soon they get back together.

After We Fell picks up from ‘After we Collided.’ The book introduces a piece of Tessa’s long-forgotten past, her father. The book brings a cliffhanger to the table as it shows an elusive antagonist, someone who Tessa considered a dear friend, Steph.

After Ever Happy‘ is the fourth book in the ‘After’ series. It is the most intense of the entire series as many events unfold, from Hardin breaking up with Tessa and burning his birth home to Tessa finding her drug-addicted father dead, and Tessa also getting to find out she can’t have children, ‘After Ever Happy’ took the entire series another step.

Before is the last part of the ‘After’ series. It places Hardin as the main narrator of the events of ‘After.’

Nothing More is a book based on Landon Gibson, Hardin’s step-brother. The book is about Landon’s journey to finding true love after he broke up with his high school girlfriend, Dakota.

Nothing Less is the conclusion of Landon’s love story. It ends with him finally meeting a girl, Nora.

The Brightest Stars‘ is a book about love and life. Karina is a young woman who is no stranger to the travails of military life. With a brother having trouble with the law and a soldier father, Karina does all she can to be the bond that holds the family together. She eventually meets Kael, a young 20-year-old soldier with problems from having two tours in Afghanistan.

Early Life

Anna Renee Todd was born and raised in Dayton, an hour’s drive from Cincinnati, Ohio, on March 20, 1989, in the United States. Anna Todd grew up in a family of three children. She was interested in books and began reading at a very young age. Among her favourites were books such as ‘The Babysitter’s Club’ and ‘The Goosebumps.’

By the time she was a teenager, Anna Todd had fallen in love with classic literature. When she was in high school, Anna Todd met her husband Jordan, and one month after graduating from high school, they got married. Soon after, Jordan joined the army, and Anna had to move to Texas with her husband. After three deployments in Iraq and some years in Austin, Anna and her husband decided to move to Los Angeles, California, where they currently reside. Anna Todd and Jordan have a son named Asher.

Literary Career

Anna Todd has described her writing career as a miracle, from being a daydreamer to being an author of more than ten books and counting. Anna Todd initially fell in love with writing after she discovered the online book reading app Wattpad. ‘I fell into the rabbit hole,’ Anna Todd had stated as she knew she had found something special in the app. After reading numerous stories, she decided to start creating her own.

Anna Todd’s story ‘After’ was inspired by her favourite boyband, One Direction. One year after writing a chapter-by-chapter release of her book, Anna Todd had hundreds of millions of reads, which Anna found surprising. Soon, she was in talks with Wattpad over the publication of her book. Later in 2014, Anna Todd’s ‘After’ was published by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon&Schuster. ‘It was a journey from being a daydreamer to having ten books written,’ said Anna Todd on her website.


Anna Todd got widely recognized as a result of her book ‘After.’ With over a billion reads, the book stands as Wattpad’s most-read book to this day. Though the book was subject to severe criticism, most readers found it worthy. Critics described ‘After’ as nothing more than fanfiction with terrible plots and a lack of detail brought to life. Although there was high criticism, the book was later into the 2019 movie ‘After,’ its immediate sequel ‘After We Collided’ was also made into a film, increasing the book’s recognition. Anna Todd later created and authored ten more books, which she described as a dream come true.

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