After We Collided

‘After We Collided’ is the second book in the ‘After’ series. It tells the story of Tessa and Hardin after Tessa’s heart was shattered by Hardin.

After We Collided Review ⭐

Though ‘After We Collided’ would not be categorized under books with an exceptionally incredible story, the novel is still a good piece of literature to read.

After We Collided Themes and Analysis 📖

‘After We Collided’ has themes strikingly similar to that of the prequel ‘After,’ and because the book focuses on Tessa’s life after Hardin’s betrayal, themes like hatred stand out in the story.

After We Collided Character List 📖

Apart from including a few characters into the story, the characters of ‘After We Collided’ stay the same as those of the prequel ‘After.’

After We Collided Historical Context 📝

Contemporary romance, such as ‘After We Collided’, is a genre that keeps getting bigger and bigger by the day due to the emotional connectivity it brings to the reader.

After We Collided Plot Summary 📖

‘After We Collided’ is a novel with a strikingly similar story to its prequel ‘After.’ Though they are fundamentally two different books, their stories are almost the same.