After We Collided Character List 📖

Apart from including a few characters into the story, the characters of ‘After We Collided’ stay the same as those of the prequel ‘After.’

After We Collided

Anna Todd

In ‘After We Collided,’ each character seems to have a slight change in their overall behavior. Tessa, for example, became much bolder and outgoing, and Hardin became a tad better than his previous self. The story of ‘After We Collided’ shows its characters trying to change for the people they love, trying to forgive the people that hurt them, and trying to love the people that betrayed them. Trying to love people that betrayed them is one of the main themes in this ‘After We Collided.’

After We Collided Characters List


After getting betrayed by Hardin, Tessa tries to be a brand new person by letting go of all thoughts of Hardin. Though Tessa tried desperately to make her feelings disappear, she failed and soon realized she was still the shy, reserved girl who seldom reacted when cornered. Though Tessa, for the most part, did not change, she still went beyond her comfort zone, like when Hardin visited her in her hotel room, and she gave him an ultimatum to either have sex with her or leave.

Also, Tessa was more endearing and tolerating with Hardin in ‘After We Collided,’ because she still always forgave and loved him no matter how many times he hurt her. Tessa’s mother also betrayed her by hiding the fact that her father had come looking for her.


‘After We Collided’ saw Hardin change as he tried turning a new leaf from the bad boy who did not care about anyone’s feelings to a loving and caring person to the girl he loved. Though Hardin still had his demons, he was desperate for change and tried seeking help to be a better person. However, he could not overcome his demons because of the rage and hate deep in him. He felt betrayed by his father because he knew his father should have never abandoned him and his mother when they needed him the most.

Hardin was enraged every time Tessa told him she had an interaction with another guy and the reason for this was his fear of abandonment. We are human and constantly have to fight the thought of losing the ones we love, but Hardin had to fight not to lose Tessa and try to heal from the hate after feeling betrayed by his father.


Being Tessa’s best friend and Hardin’s stepbrother, Landon was a solid ground for Tessa when she felt she was sinking in betrayal and pain. He tried his best to help Hardin get Tessa back but was skeptical because he cared for her and did not want to see her get hurt again. Landon knew Hardin and Tessa had their demons but they brought out the best in themselves.


Trevor is a character whose existence created friction between Tessa and Hardin in ‘After We Collided.’ After breaking up with Hardin, Tessa meets Trevor at Vance Publishing, and she immediately notices the difference between him and Hardin. Trevor is an intelligent and resourceful man, who Tessa liked for his maturity. Because of his maturity and intellect, Trevor was a reliable person whose advice helped Tessa navigate her relationship with Hardin. Seeing Trevor near Tessa made Hardin rage out as he felt he would steal her from him.


Trish is Hardin’s mother and the estranged wife of Ken, Hardin’s father. Hardin hated his father for what happened to his mother. Though he hated his father, Trish always hoped that one day Hardin would reconcile with Ken. She met Tessa and found out she and Hardin were no longer lovers as Hardin had broken her heart. After a confrontation with Carol, Trish was disappointed by Hardin’s actions and advised her to leave but Tessa decided to stay. Trish is a beautiful blonde woman with hazel-colored eyes and a pale complexion.


Zed is the main character who posed a real threat to Hardin, as Tessa liked him. After revealing the details of the bet he and Hardin had as to who got to have her first, Zed decided to be a better person than he was, and after an on-and-off relationship with Hardin, Tessa began developing feelings for Zed, who seemed to be a better than Hardin. Tessa ended up kissing Zed after she broke up with Hardin. However, she could not proceed past a kiss with him as she realized she loved Hardin. Hardin ended up attacking and hospitalizing Zed after finding out he kissed Tessa.


Being Tessa’s mom, Carol tried her best to prevent her daughter from talking to Hardin after her breakup with him. She wanted to introduce Noah back into Tessa’s life but failed. Carol also hid the fact that Tessa’s father had come looking for her. After Tessa found out her mother hid the truth from her, she left in a rage. Carol desperately tried as a last resort to confront her daughter but met Trish, who she tells of what Hardin did to her daughter. However, Tessa refused to go back with her even after telling Trish everything. Tessa ended up telling her mother to let her live her life the way she wanted.


Vance is the owner of Vance publishing and a friend of Hardin’s father. Tessa ends up working as an intern at his company as Hardin had requested, and he soon came to like her for her hard work and dedication. Vance developed a romantic relationship with Kimberly, his secretary, and after dating her for a few years, they got married.


Karen is Landon’s mom and Hardin’s stepmom. She got married to Ken after dating him for a while. Tessa liked Karen because she was warm and welcoming. She soon became a mother figure and tried helping Tessa navigate her feelings.


Ken is Hardin’s father and the only person Hardin hates the most. After a failed dinner, Hardin punches his father after lashing out at him, and no matter how Ken tried mending their relationship, Hardin always felt distant.

Other characters in the novel include Steph, Molly, Tristan, Carly, Kimberly, and Noah.


Who is Trish in ‘After We Collided‘?

Trish is Hardin’s mother and Ken’s estranged wife. She visited America for the holidays, where she met Tessa, who had no clue that Hardin hadn’t told her of their breakup.

Who is Carly in ‘After We Collided?’

Carly is a bartender and former friend of Hardin. After getting wasted, Hardin slept in Carly’s place, and on seeing her with him, Tessa thought she slept with Hardin and broke up with him over that.

Does Zed love Tessa?

Yes, Zed loves Tessa, and his love for her is something she uses as a means to get Hardin out of jail after he was arrested for attacking Zed.

Why did Steph betray Tessa?

Steph betrayed Tessa because she was secretly in love with Hardin and was always jealous of the girls he dated, Tessa included.

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