After Character List 📖

Each character in ‘After’ is brought to life by their interactions with the main characters, Tessa and Hardin. The characters exhibit flexibility and an ability to affect the main characters’ life from a passive perspective.


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Each Character in ‘After’ is loosely expressed and defined from a singular person’s point of view. The main characters Tessa and Hardin, observe all actions. All descriptions and expressions are described by them directly.

After Character List


Tessa is the main character in After.’ Tessa is a young beautiful, shy, sensitive, ambitious, and soft-spoken girl with a passion for books and a hidden curiosity to explore the world. With little knowledge about the world of romance, desire, and betrayal, Tessa becomes entangled in a world different from her stereotypical day-to-day life. With a father who abandons her and a mother hell-bent on making her life based on rigid rules to a high school boyfriend, Tessa is determined to make the best out of her life.

However, Tessa’s life changes when she meets Hardin, an unknown feeling awakens in her, and the once timid and shy Tessa changes leaving a trail of choices she later regrets. Tessa’s character shows just to what extent love makes one vulnerable and adamant because she pushed away all those she had known for years due to her emotions.


As the main character in ‘After,’ Hardin is a complex-natured, tattooed, and rough-mannered boy with a haunted past and total hatred for his father. Hardin’s hatred and coldness not only affect him internally but also spreads to those around him. Though his character is mean and rude, indifferent and annoying to others, Hardin begins to get a grip on his emotions when he meets the shy, reserved girl called Tessa.

Slowly Hardin’s walls are broken down, and this terrifies him. To Hardin, Tessa is like a drug, an addictive drug that tranquilizes his demons, but at the same time, he also knew he was going to hurt her, and the very feeling of causing pain to the one girl who accepted him tormented him.


Noah is one of the best temperament characters in ‘After.’ From a calm and composed look to a gentle and caring personality, one could say Noah is the ideal person for love. However, he still got betrayed by the one girl he had cared for and loved since they were little.

Though he loved her, and she did too, he couldn’t help but accept defeat when she blatantly sent him away over a guy she had met so soon. Noah’s personality is forgiving and jovial, one of the very few kind persons in the entire book.


Landon is an admirable character in ‘After.’ With a caring personality, a calm and composed temperament, and a friendly nature, Landon is one of the best-natured characters in the novel. Landon also acted as an anchor for Tessa, being her best friend and someone who truly cared about her; Landon’s role in Tessa’s life is irreplaceable. Also, Landon’s maturity and instinct for creating a solution are impeccable throughout the entire book. With a dual perspective and an analysis of every situation, Landon considers both sides before making a choice, making him one of the most sensible people throughout the entire novel.


Carol is a character bathed in a stereotypical lifestyle. Carol is a beautiful blonde middle-aged woman with beautiful tanned skin. She does everything orderly and imposes strict rules on her daughter. Though Carol wants the best for her daughter, Tessa, it seems as though she wants Tessa to walk in a predetermined shadow, something Tessa vigorously refuses.

With a broken marriage and being a dropout, Carol wants only one thing; she wants her daughter to have a better life. She uses this as an excuse to impose her dream lifestyle on her daughter.


Molly is a beautiful pink-haired girl with a bitchy attitude. Being Tessa’s arch-rival, Molly does all she can to make Hardin leave Tessa and come to her. Molly presents as one of the antagonists in Tessa and Hardin’s relationship as she tries to ensure their separation and the utter humiliation of Tessa.


Steph is a confident, edgy, and carefree girl who lives life freely. Being Tessa’s roommate, Steph influenced her into doing many things, including meeting Hardin. In the end, Steph and Tessa’s relationship went down the drain because Tessa felt stabbed and betrayed by her.


Ken is Hardin’s father, a former drunk, and the chancellor of WCU. Ken Scott is hated by his son for the sins of his past. Though Ken desperately tries to make things right with his son Hardin, it seems he is always so far from his son Hardin that he can’t reach him.


Karen is a beautiful woman with a lovely personality. Being Landon’s mom and Hardin’s soon to be later step-mom, she lights up the room with her loveliness and wishes her stepson could someday forgive his father.


Zed is a cool guy in the click of friends comprising Hardin, Step, Molly, Nate, and Tristan. He made a bet with Hardin to see who could get Tessa first.


Who is Dakota?

Dakota is Landon’s girlfriend, she is described as a sweet and caring girlfriend.

Who are the characters in ‘After‘ based on?

Most of the characters in After’ were based on the boyband One Direction. On Wattpad, characters’ names were directly related to the One Direction members, with Hardin being Harry Styles, Zed being Zayn Malik, Nate being Niall Horan, and Logan being Louis Tomlinson, and Landon being Liam Payne.

Is Hardin toxic?

Yes, throughout ‘After,’ Hardin had a cold and toxic character that put people away from him.

What chapter does Tessa lose her virginity?

Tessa loses her virginity to Hardin in chapter 82 of the book.

Is Molly the main villain in ‘After‘?

Yes and no. though Molly hates the fact that Tessa and Hardin are together, she still may not be the villain in the story of ‘After.’ The candidate for the villain of ‘After’ is likely Hardin himself, as his actions are what broke Tessa’s heart the most.

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