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Throughout ‘It,’ Stephen King made sure to enrich each feeling, thought, action, expression, and dialogue with quotes.


Stephen King

Some of the quotes tap into major themes of It,’ bringing out expressions that directly convene the characters’ mode of action and thought. One may also notice the epistolary form of writing Stephen King adopts in ‘It.’

Quotes from It by Stephen King


It’s as if I have fallen into a story, and everyone knows you’re not supposed to feel this afraid until the end of the story, when the haunter of the dark finally comes out of the woodwork to feed… on you, of course.

The line is a statement made by the character of Mike Hanlon, who had discovered that the one thing he dreaded, the monster of his childhood, had woken up from its slumber, unleashing its head of terror. From the line, Mike says his fear is like being in a trance-like state where your momentary fear is nothing compared to what lies in store for you. On discovering ‘It’ was back, Mike decided to make the decision he had always dreaded. He decided to call the losers club to fulfill the blood promise they had made to return should It awaken.

If you took a casual glance at me, you might think he’s been reading too many books, but that’s all. I doubt you’d guess how hard the man with the mild bank teller’s face is now struggling just to hold on, to hold on to his own mind…

Here, Mike’s greatest fear wasn’t about having to face It, his greatest fear was picking up the phone and calling his friends back. He knew his call would break some of them, leading them to take their own life. Hence Mike gets scared, scared for his friends’ well-being.

It was full of monsters, she said, full of monsters chasing after little children. There were killings and… I don’t know… bad feelings and hurt. stuff like that.

Here, Patricia Uris, Stan’s wife, expresses her fear of the books written by Bill. Though she was clueless, there were certain truths in the pages of his books. She felt Bill went a little too far in expressing his horror books as they feature little children at the center of killings and terrible tragedies.

Coming of Age

Maybe all of that is finally past me, I am not that girl of eighteen anymore, I am a woman of thirty-six; the girl who heard the endless click and grate of those driveway stones, the girl who twisted away from Mike Rosenblatt’s hand when he tried to comfort her because it was a Jewish hand, was half a life ago. That silly little mermaid is dead. I can forget her now and just be myself.

The statement above is a thought from Patricia Uris, Stan’s wife. Her thought showed her transcendence from childhood into adulthood. She brags to herself about how much she had matured from eighteen to thirty-six years. ‘It’ is a book that focuses on the loss of childhood innocence, not only for the members of the Losers club but for others as well.

I doubt if any kid who hadn’t been through the things we went through ever did, he said. But I said them… and I meant them.

Here Bill and Ben reminisced on the events that had happened to them as children and how those events had affected them while growing up. Though each of the losers club members had a great life, they could never forget the horror of their childhood, and that horror stuck with them even as they matured into adults.

If this is the stuff adults have to think about, I never want to grow up.

Here Bill makes this statement to show his fear of not wanting to mature out of our childhood. Bill felt guilty as he thought he was using his friends to settle the score between him and his brother’s murderer. His resolve for revenge, he thought, was a selfish and unnecessary desire since his brother was already dead, this made him scared of himself and the adult thoughts he felt he was having.

Eddie discovered one of his childhood’s great truths. Grownups are the real monsters, he thought.

This quote shows one of the realizations Eddie made after growing up. Eddie realized that childhood is peaceful, and they were better off as children than adults. He realized that in growing up, one turns into the things they hate the most.


Maybe there aren’t any such things such as good friends or bad friends – maybe there are just friends, people who stand by you when you’re hurt and who help you feel not so lonely. Maybe they’re always being worth scared for and living for. Maybe worth dying for too, if that’s what has to be. No good friends. No bad friends. Only people you want, need to be with; people who build their houses in your heart.

This quote resonates with the true ideology of what friendship means. Stephen King’s thought on friendship shows that friends aren’t good or bad. Friends are people who are there for each other. The losers club exhibited true friendship by being there for each other. The sacrifice made by Eddie and others injured led them to defeat ‘It.’


I’m still Bill Denbrough. You killed my brother, and you killed Stan, the man. You tried to kill Mike. And I am going to tell you something: this time I’m not going to stop until the job’s done.

Bill’s statement marks the point when Bill’s anger and hate towards ‘It’ converge. Having been tortured by the death of his brother George, and the death of his friend Stan, Bill unleashes his bottled-up emotions as his quest for revenge reaches its end.

Oh, you’ll believe… you’ll see. This time, Little Buddy, I intend you to see everything, including the deadlights.

A character that sought revenge throughout the entire book was It itself. With rage and anger after being defeated by a bunch of little 11 year-olds, It sets its mind on having the ultimate revenge on the losers club. It’s strive for vengeance gave the losers club an upper hand to defeat it.


What is Pennywise’s catch-phrase?

“I’ll kill you all! Aha, I’ll drive you crazy, and I’ll kill you all! I’m every nightmare you’ve ever had. I am your worst dream come true!”

What does Pennywise say at the end of ‘It’?

The last thing he says is fear.

Was Pennywise afraid?

Yes, at a certain point, Pennywise felt afraid, and as Stephen King described, it was a new feeling to him.

What is the best quote in ‘It’?

There are many awesome quotes in it, such as:
“I’m still Bill Denbrough. You killed my brother, and you killed Stan, the man. You tried to kill Mike. And I am going to tell you something: this time I’m not going to stop until the job’s done.”

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