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Stephen King created well-defined characters for ‘It.’ His realistic writing made minor characters have a lasting effect on the story.

In ‘It,’ each character has a problem that later transforms into their greatest fear, a tool utilized by It to prey on them and eventually kill or control them. The alternation of forms conceived by Stephen King made It more of a force of nature than an entity.

It Characters by Stephen King

Bill Denbrough

Bill is the main protagonist in Stephen King’s ‘It,’ he is determined and resourceful. Bill sets out on a path of revenge after his brother George is murdered. After the death of his brother, Bill notices the hopeless nature of his parents since his brother died, and he tries to restore the once warm feeling of the smile on their faces by killing the murderer responsible for George’s demise. Teaming up with six other children to form the losers club, Bill becomes their leader unofficially.

Bill’s bravery and valiance, along with his quest for vengeance, make him the greatest threat to It. After first defeating It in 1958, Bill eventually kills the monster he so hated and dreaded once and for all after it had kidnapped his actress wife Audra, who had a stark resemblance to Beverly. Bill had a stuttering problem which earned him the nickname ‘Stuttering Bill.’ It worsened after George died but faded off in his teenage years. However, his stutter returned when he returned to Derry 27 years later to kill the terror of his childhood.

Benjamin Hanscom “Ben”

Ben Hanscom is a member of the Losers club. Being an intelligent bookworm with excellent mechanical skills, Ben’s skills greatly helped the Losers club in defeating It. Nicknamed ‘Haystacks,’ Ben’s intelligence enabled him to build the silver slugs they used to injure It. He also oversaw the building of an underground clubhouse for the Losers club. Ben was a favorite target for bullies like Henry because of his obesity. Ben left Derry together with Beverly after the Losers club final encounter with It.

Richard Tozier “Richie”

Richie is a jokester and a member of the Losers club whose impersonation of voices becomes very useful for the group in defeating It. His undying love for the group makes him ensure the group stays together. Richie has severe shortsightedness, which makes him wear thick glasses, changing to contact lenses when he was older. Richie usually caused trouble for himself. He later becomes a disk jockey in Los Angeles, where he uses his voice imitation to his benefit. Richie and Mike were able to hallucinate It’s origin broadening the Losers club origin of the monster. Richie is known as ‘Trashmouth’ by the group.

Edward Kaspbrak “Eddie”

Eddie is a frail boy and a hypochondriac who carries an inhaler with him, believing he has asthma. Having lost his father at a young age, Eddie’s mother constantly worries over his health, making him think he was sick with asthma. As a child, Eddie gets attacked, and injured by Henry, leaving him with a broken arm. His mother refuses his friends from the Losers club to visit him, but he finally tells her to stop worrying too much about him.

Eddie later becomes a limousine rental company owner. In another confrontation with Henry, Eddie kills him with a broken bottle. Eddie later dies after bleeding to death from his ripped-off arm after It had injured him. He dies in his friends’ arms, and they had to leave his body behind as the sewers collapsed.

Beverly Marsh “Bev”

Bev is an attractive red-haired girl with a tomboy personality. Being the only female member of the club, each of the boys had a crush on her. Beverly suffered from an abusive father who constantly beat her while her mother was away at work. As a grownup, Beverly becomes a successful fashion designer. However, Beverly doesn’t escape abusive relationships as she marries Tom Rogan, a man who beats her and sees her only as a sex object. Beverly finally finds love with Ben and leaves with him on their final defeat of It in 1985.

Stanley Uris “Stan”

Stan is a Jewish boy who is the most skeptical of the members of the Losers club. Stan relied on logic and believed everything followed a particular order making him doubt the existence of It. Because of his Jewish origin, Henry bullied Stan. As an adult, Stan becomes a successful accountant in Atlanta, living with his wife, Patty Blum. Stan Kills himself on receiving a phone call from Mike on It’s awakening with him writing IT on the wall after slitting his wrist. Stan’s might have been the only member of the Losers club to notice It may have been female all along.

Michael Hanlon “Mike”

Mike is the last to join the losers club. He is the only African-American in the group. Due to his Baptist faith, Mike attends a separate school from the club. Henry because of his race. Mike joins the losers club after they help him defeat Henry in a rock fight. With his father’s collection of photos, the Losers club traces It in the form of Pennywise, the dancing clown throughout Derry’s history. Mike eventually becomes the only member of the club to stay in Derry, becoming a librarian. On the resurgence of deaths in the town, Mike calls the group back for a reunion, to kill It forever. After defeating It, Mike begins losing memories of their encounter with It.


It is the main antagonist in the story and is an ancient shapeshifting entity that kills people by coming in the form of their fears. Though knowledge of It’s exact origin was elusive to the Losers club, It was as old as the universe as he existed in a void between our universe and other universes, a place he called the macro verse. His final form is a spider, and his essence is in the form of orange lights, which were called deadlights, and looking directly at them could drive a person to insanity or kill them. The book speculated It to be female as the monster laid its eggs after deeming the Losers club a real threat.

It manifested in numerous aliases from Pennywise the dancing clown to a werewolf, a mummy, George, Frankenstein, and a leper. Apart from having the power to shapeshift, ‘It’ can control people by controlling them into doing its bidding. After being defeated by the Losers club, It went to sleep awakening 27 years later. On noticing the Losers club was in Derry again, It set out on a path of revenge to get rid of them once and for all. It used Henry to try and kill the members of the losers club, but was unsuccessful as Eddie killed Henry. It finally managed to take Audra hostage but failed in getting rid of the losers club and was killed by Bill.

Henry Bowers

Henry is an antagonist and the crazy leader of the Bowers group comprising seven twelve-year-olds, who constantly bullied members of the losers club. Having a racist and abusive father, Henry turns hateful towards Stan and Mike, the members of the Losers club who were Jewish and African-American. Slowly, Henry starts losing his mental stability as It takes over him and controls him to try and kill the losers club. With the switchblade sent by It, Henry kills his father but is unsuccessful in killing the Losers club.

Henry’s encounter with Frankenstein, an alternate form of It, left him mentally traumatized. The authorities find a mentally deranged Henry and send him to a mental asylum after blaming him for the murder of children in Derry.

Twenty-seven years later, Henry escapes the mental institution and returns to have his revenge. On realizing the opportunity, It instructs Henry to kill the losers club. However, on confronting Eddie, Henry is killed with a broken bottle.

Patrick Hockstetter

Patrick is a psychopath and part of the Bowers gang. Being a killer at the age of five when he murdered his little brother by suffocating him, Patrick finds solace in torturing and killing animals. Patrick finds himself falling for Henry as he makes sexual advances to him, even giving Henry a hand job. After the act, Patrick offers Henry a blowjob but gets a punch and threat from Henry, who threatened to expose his secret about the refrigerator Patrick kept animals he captured and killed.

Patrick tries to clean out the refrigerator when he is attacked by flying leeches. Patrick passes out due to losing too much blood and is dragged off by It, who feeds on him with Beverly watching. The losers club later finds his corpse as It warns them by writing in Patrick’s blood, telling them to stay away else it will kill them.

Reginald Huggins “Belch”

Belch Hugging is one of the sidekicks of Henry and a member of the Bowers gang. Belch is a huge boy with a height of six feet despite being twelve years old. Belch’s loyalty to the group, especially Henry earned him his nickname ‘Belch.’ After Henry was ordered by It, Belch follows him as they enter the sewers to kill the losers club.

On encountering Frankenstein, an alternate form of It, Belch stays behind as he defends Henry, who escapes. Belch eventually dies as he is overpowered by It, who ended up mutilating his face. Twenty-seven years later, It takes the form of a rotting Belch Huggins and drives Henry to the hotel where the losers club stays so Henry could get rid of them. The losers club later finds his corpse when they fought ‘It’ finally.

Victor Criss “Vic”

Vic is one of Henry’s sidekicks and is the brightest in the Bowers gang. Vic’s good heart leads him to help the losers club by warning them of Henry’s increasing mental instability. Vic has a change of heart when he notices Henry’s elevated insanity. He tries to join the losers club but decides against it leading to him following Henry and Belch into the sewers, where they encountered Frankenstein, an alternate form of It. During their encounter, It Kills Vic by tearing him apart.

George Denbrough

George is the six-year-old brother of Bill. He gets killed by an alternate form of It, a clown calling himself Pennywise, who ripped his arm when he tried to reach for his boat in the drain. George’s death sparked Bill’s quest to get revenge on the murderer who took his brother’s life.

Steve Sadler “Moose”

Moose is a disabled member of the Bowers gang who partook in tormenting members of the Losers club. Moose helps Henry break Eddie’s arm and also took part in bullying Mike.

Peter Gordon

Peter is a member of the Bowers group, who decides to leave the group after the rock fight with the losers club. On realizing Henry’s growing insanity, Peter alienates himself from the group. 

Tom Rogan

Tom is an abusive and crazy husband of Beverly. His violent and psychopathic nature gives him a predator view of women. Tom tries to punish his vulnerable wife, who he sees only as a sex object when she escapes, leaving him for Derry. On his arrival, It convinces him to kidnap Bill’s wife Audra and bring her to his layer. Tom dies of shock on seeing It’s final form.

Audra Philip Denbrough

Audra is Bill’s wife and a famous film actress. She follows her husband to Derry due to her worry over his mental health. Tom Rogan kidnaps Audra on the order of It, and she enters a catatonic state after seeing It’s final form. Bill later revives her after he takes her on a ride on his old bicycle, silver.

Other characters include Adrian Mellon, Will Hanlon, Alvin Marsh, Sonia Kaspbrack, and Maturin.


Who is the Protagonist in ‘It’?

The Protagonist are the members of the Losers club comprising of Bill, Ben, Bev, Richie, Eddie, Stan, and Mike.

What is the Creature in ‘It’?

It is a shapeshifting monster who took the form of Pennywise the clown and killed people, children especially.

Who kills Henry Bowers in ‘It’?

Eddie kills Henry Bowers with a broken bottle.

What are the names of Henry Bowers friends?

Henry had seven 12 year-olds in his gangs namely Belch Huggins, Vic Criss, Peter Gordon, Steve Saddler, and Patrick Hockstetter.

Why is Henry so evil?

Henry’s sadistic and crazy behavior is largely due to motivation from the anger of being beaten by his father and It manipulating him.

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