'It' is a horror story that follows the lives of seven children fighting an evil entity so powerful and old as the universe itself.

It Review ⭐

‘It’ is a book that fits the phrase, “the horror you see is the expression of the horror deep within you.”

It Historical Context 🎈

‘It’ is known for its success as one of the scariest books ever written. The book became a best seller for its author Stephen King.

It Characters 🎈

Stephen King created well-defined characters for ‘It.’ His realistic writing made minor characters have a lasting effect on the story.

It Quotes 💬

Throughout ‘It,’ Stephen King made sure to enrich each feeling, thought, action, expression, and dialogue with quotes.

It Themes and Analysis 🎈

‘It’ is a book that taps into themes that relate to our daily lives, from seeking revenge to coming of age and maturity.

It Summary 🎈

To this day ‘It’ remains one of Stephen King’s best-selling horror books. ‘It’ earned its horror attribute by making a clown an agent of terror and mass bloodshed.