The Outsiders

S. E. Hinton

The Outsiders Historical Context

Even though the book, The Outsiders was written more than 50 years ago, you can still find lessons that are relevant to today’s youth in it.

The Outsiders Quotes

Discover the 14 most memorable quotes inside S. E. Hinton’s incredible novel, ‘The Outsiders.’ These range about being the same and yearning to belong.

The Outsiders Review

‘The Outsiders’ is a great book that resonates with any teenager and youth around the world because it touches on their feelings and emotions.

The Outsiders Summary

‘The Outsiders’ is an excellent book by S. E. Hinton, though The Outsiders’ many social and moral lessons are pretty old. Yet, its freshness remains and continues to motivate many writers.

The Outsiders Themes and Analysis

Throughout ‘The Outsiders,’ Hinton engages with very important themes, showcases some interesting symbols, and uses great examples of figurative language.

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