The Giver

'The Giver' by Lois Lowry is a dystopian novel that explores what happens when a community gives up its memories, the positive and the negative.

The Giver Review ⭐

‘The Giver’ was published in 1994 and has since become a staple of many classrooms around the world.

The Giver Historical Context 📖

‘The Giver’ was written in 1993 and won the Newbery Medal the following year, the second of these awards that Lowry was awarded within the decade.

The Giver Plot Summary 📖

‘The Giver’ is a Newbery Prize-winning novel by Lois Lowry and tells the story of Jonas, a young, eleven-year-old boy raised in a futuristic walled community.

The Giver Quotes 💬

‘The Giver’ is filled with memorable lines that touch on a variety of themes, including unity, pain/isolation, as well as change, and choice.

The Giver Character List 📖

The characters in ‘The Giver’ are a complex group of men, women, and children who are, at their heart, seeing out what they think is best for themselves and those around them.