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Lisa Wingate is a visual storyteller whose books are characteristically filled with mysteries and histories; her ideas for stories have inspired lots of book-to-film adaptations.

Lisa Wingate

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Great books usually go to Hollywood to have a TV makeover. And for Lisa Wingate, her best is ‘Before We Were Yours’ – although she has written many great books worthy of book-to-television and film adaptations. Let’s find out how much of Lisa Wingate’s ideas have gone under the cameras.

On ‘Before We Were Yours’ Front

Before We Were Yours’ is arguably the greatest ever written by talented writer Lisa Wingate – and a case in point to prove this is seen by the several awards and accolades the book has amassed.

Before We Were Yours’ is rich in story, history, and moral lessons, so why wouldn’t it have a Hollywood on-screen version, you would think? However, with millions worldwide who have read the novel itching to know why they are yet to find the film version of a novel published in 2017, a username Susan takes the boldness to ask Lisa Wingate why that is – via Goodreads. Here’s what Wingate replies:

Hi Susan, there has been some interest in a movie and/or in a TV special series, but no deal finalized. Wouldn’t it be great to see the Foss family on their shanty boat? I’m hoping.

This response by Lisa Wingate to a fan is four years old, yet to date, we haven’t seen our favorite Before We Were Yours’ book put into movies or TV series and shown on popular channels and on all streaming platforms.

This all the more shows the complicatedness of the whole process of transforming a good book into a film. However, with the amount of confidence in Lisa Wingate’s response, there are a good chance readers will get to see the thrills and chills of the book play out on screen soon. Other films have similar plots to Lisa Wingate’s idea in ‘Before We Were Yours’.

Stolen Babies

Shot in 1993, ‘Stolen Babies’ is a film based on a similar idea to Lisa Wingate’s ‘Before We Were Yours’. The movie follows a true-life account of Georgia Tann, a sociable middle-aged woman who runs a Memphis community orphanage home – secretly acquiring and selling off children, often accomplices with the law enforcement.

She is eventually found out by a social worker, Annie Beales, after a series of suspicions – followed by a chain of investigations. With such hard facts, Beales exposes the truth about the shady practices of George Tann and her cohort in the end.

The movie, which sees Mary Tyler Moore star as Georgia Tann and Lea Thompson as Annie Beales, won the 1993’s Primetime Emmy Awards and was a nominee for the CableACE Awards for the following year.


Is there a movie for Lisa Wingate’s ‘Before We Were Yours’?

Lisa Wingate’s ‘Before We Were Yours’ does not have a movie with the name or complete ideas of the book itself. However, there are other films that are based on the story of child trafficking and Georgia Tann’s crimes. ‘Stolen Babies’ is one of them.

When is ‘Before We Were Yours’ billed for onscreen appearance?

Currently, there hasn’t been any news on the actual date for the release of ‘Before We Were Yours’. Although Wingate herself had once confirmed that a deal is in the works, nothing is official at the moment.

Will Netflix be showing Lisa Wingate’s ‘Before We Were Yours’ when it’s out?

For Netflix to be eligible to be showing Lisa Wingate’s ‘Before We Were Yours’ when it’s out, it must first acquire the rights to do so from all available stakeholders of the film. However, it’s still not known whether or not the top streaming platform will have it when it’s out.

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