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Because Lisa Wingate thrives under Christian fiction for a genre, a good number of her write-ups are inspirational bound, and so are some of her best quotes.

Lisa Wingate

American Author

Still, whether she wakes up feeling very Christian or decides to go literary generic, her quotes are bookmark-worthy – as there’s always something in them that readers can take back home. Let’s analyze some of Lisa Wingate’s best quotes ever created.

Message to Budding Writers

A writing career is challenging. It’s demanding. It’s busy. It can be unforgiving and maddening. It can also be unbelievably rewarding and filled with moments of story and human connection…

This quote is an excerpt from one of Lisa Wingate’s speeches – which serves well as advice to both experienced, but especially, budding writers who are still finding their feet in the writing game.

If there was ever anyone who qualified as a coach for the creative writing industry, Lisa Wingate is definitely one of such people of the depth of her experience. The prolific writer began writing at a tender age and has written over thirty books since she began her professional writing career in 2001.

This quote from Lisa Wingate may be about writing and for writers, but the message in it no doubt cuts across all disciplines as it preaches zeal, courage, commitment, and perseverance for all people in their respective fields of endeavor.

On Faith and Parenting

Your children are the greatest gift God will give to you, and their souls the heaviest responsibility He will place in your hands.

Lisa Wingate’s writing style favors the Christian genre, and this resonates in most of her books and series. Faith and parenting are two aspects of life that Lisa Wingate feels very passionate about.

For her, being – and living the Christian way – has been more like a family tradition, and parenting is something she has experienced, as she is married and has two sons.

Lisa Wingate believes children are a blessing from God and that parents have a lot to do in making sure their children have the best life; a life of faith, purpose, and accountability.

On Taking Chances

The hardest thing about the road not taken is that you never know where it might have led.

Lisa Wingate is a writer who could typically just sit around in the comfort of her home office and manufacture award-winning books without stepping an inch out. Such a work routine may seem without risks, but she takes chances and risks a lot on her way to becoming a celebrated writer.

Lisa Wingate, clearly with the intent to motivate, communicates this in one of her speeches, where she reveals how she started from ground zero and made her way through the rough patches in her career. And even when it feels like the challenge becomes too much for her to handle, she doesn’t give up because she has this principle that it’s better to try and fail than not to have tried at all.

On Forgiveness

Sometimes we must try to view the actions of those around us with forgiveness. We must realize that they are going on the only road they can see.

Lisa isn’t only a master storyteller but also a thinker who believes in human logic and rationality. She upholds the saying that goes, ‘to err is human and to forgive is divine – and argues that everyone should always make room in their heart for forgiveness no matter what the case may be. There is an explanation for everything, even the most twisted of things.

On Moving On and Letting Go

A bad past is like a gristle. You can chew on it forever and starve yourself to death, or you can spit it out and see what else is on the table.

Although admitting how hard and uneasy letting go can be for anyone sometimes, Lisa Wingate says doing so should be one’s priority as it enables one to heal and move on to greater things ahead. Holding on to past mistakes or regrets can hinder one’s ability to open themselves up to new, transforming experiences – thus being stagnant for life.


What kind of writer is Lisa Wingate?

Lisa Wingate is a passionate storyteller and Christian genre specialist who builds compelling plots from historical antecedents to inspire and drive motivation through to the reader.

What else does Lisa Wingate do aside from being a writer?

Aside from being an accomplished writer, Lisa Wingate is also an inspirational speaker and an orator. She is also a former journalist.

Which writers had a tremendous influence on Lisa Wingate?

Frank Ann and Mark Twain are two writers who had a huge impact on Lisa Wingate’s life and literary career.

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