Before We Were Yours

‘Before We Were Yours’ is a polyvocal masterpiece written by renowned American writer and former journalist, Lisa Wingate, based on the true accounts of child trafficking and abuse which were prevalent in Tennessee, USA, around the late 1930s.

Before We Were Yours Review ⭐

Lisa Wingate’s ‘Before We Were Yours’ follows a gripping story of a secret family history which is tied to a series of child adoption scandals connected to Georgia Tann, one of America’s most notorious child trafficker.

Before We Were Yours Themes and Analysis 📖

‘Before We Were Yours’ touches across a wide range of themes: From virtues – such as family bonds and values, to vices – such as political corruption, child molestation, illegal child adoptions and trafficking.

Before We Were Yours Summary 📖

‘Before We Were Yours’ by Lisa Wingate is a polyvocal narrative that switches between two central characters to nail the mystery behind the infamous George Tann’s illegal adoptions and child trafficking scandals in Memphis.

Before We Were Yours Best Quotes 💬

The best Lisa Wingate’s quotes from ‘Before We Were Yours’ are so powerful they invoke, in the reader, the spirit of the times during when these merciless acts were carried upon Tennessee children.

Before We Were Yours Character List 📖

‘Before We Were Yours’ sees Lisa Wingate use a specialized character-builder technique – which results in some principal characters having double persona; the first being a younger version of themselves from years ago, and the latter being their present day self.

Before We Were Yours Historical Context 📖

Lisa Wingate’s ‘Before We Were Yours’ is built on the historical background of a series of child trafficking events around 1930s Memphis, Tennessee. This inhumane event was triggered by a widespread poverty resulting from The Great Depression.