The Time Machine

H.G. Wells

The Time Machine Historical Context

In 1894, visionary writer Herbert George Wells authored ‘The Time Machine,’ a pacesetting masterwork on the concept of time travel, which immediately became a game-changer in the science fiction genre, and a complete inspiration to hundreds of later books, comics, and films adaptation.

The Time Machine Quotes

Quotes are abundant from the book ‘The Time Machine’ which flaunts endless examples of some prominent themes Wells manages to nail within the story.

The Time Machine Review

‘The Time Machine’ is one book that offers a lot of enjoyment to the reader. From the richly packed romance between the time traveler and Weena to the unexpected run-ins with a mischievous bunch of evolved humans called Morlocks down to several time trips in an actual time machine. This is one book that is century-plus old but its pages and stories therein are always fresh and exciting when it’s looked up.

The Time Machine Summary

‘The Time Machine’ is a fictional novella written by H.G. Wells on the reality of time travel with the account told by the ‘time traveler’ himself to a group of Victorian English folks.

The Time Machine Themes and Analysis

H.G. Wells’s book ‘The Time Machine’ cracks open several human social traditions offering among other things, a reasonable perspective on what ruins await humanity if it fails to dissever the practice of social classing.

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