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Kate DiCamillo became an instant success with the publishing of her first ever novel ‘ Because of Winn-Dixie’ in 2000, but even such feat was far from being the top fact about her roller coaster life and literary career.

Kate DiCamillo

American children's fiction author

For example, it’s interesting to know that Kate DiCamillo’s masterwork ‘Because of Winn-Dixie’ – despite its tremendous popularity, isn’t considered the author’s best book – ‘The Tiger Rising’ is. Next are curated top 10 facts about Kate DiCamillo.

Kate DiCamillo missed Florida and showed that in ‘Because of Winn-Dixie

Kate DiCamillo spent some very important early years of her life in Florida and grew accustomed to the city developing a kind of love and tight bond for it. She moved to Florida at four or five years old from Philly with her mother and brother for health reasons, but immediately cliqued with it and never wanted to leave.

While writing her book ‘Because of Winn-Dixie’, she showed she misses Florida by choosing to use Naomi, Florida, as the geographical setting for the book.

She loved dogs but her apartment prohibited having one

Kate DiCamillo loved animals and still does to date, and a proof of this is how she’s always incorporating animal characters in her books. When she moved to Minneapolis and started working at a book warehouse, she stayed in an apartment where the owners didn’t allow her to own a dog.

She felt lonely and misses having a pet dog so she decided to write a story that has a dog in it as one of the major characters – hence emerged ‘Because of Winn-Dixie’.

She doesn’t believe you have to have the talent to be a good writer

After years of experience writing and publishing great children’s books, Kate DiCamillo realized that succeeding as a writer wasn’t just all about having the talent for it; that it was in fact about how one viewed the world and paid attention to actual people and the kind of things they went through. For DiCamillo, doing that was the underlying stuff of every acclaimed writer.

Kate DiCamillo has never been married, never had kids

Despite her charming looks, combined with the brains – and the accompanying success, Kate DiCamillo has not been married nor does she have any children. Like is the norm with celebrities, the writer prefers to keep her personal life private, and not much about this situation is known or shared with the public.

She has a habit of writing two pages a day

Kate DiCamillo has dedicated her entire life to her career of writing books – without distractions from family or friends – however tough that is. She’s extremely disciplined with her writing business and would, as a matter of practice, write at least two pages a day – a tradition which agrees with ‘Write every day’, a general prototype for being a good writer.

She suffered chronic pneumonia at a tender age

Kate DiCamillo was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but due to the harshness of the city winter had to relocate to the more temperate Florida with her mother and other siblings. Her father, an orthodontist stayed behind because of work – with the arrangement to move and reunite with them but this never happened. Thankfully, Florida weather was better and DiCamillo was healthy again and blended well with the city – developing a certain kind of love for it.

She’s the sister to Curt DiCamillo

Kate DiCamillo is the sister of Curt DiCamillo who is a renowned American architectural historian working with the British country house. Curt tours the world lecturing about the richness and significance of historic houses using images and a great storytelling technique to sell his offer.

She’s an ‘aunt’ to a dog named Henry

Although Kate DiCamillo doesn’t own a pet dog of her own, she admits she is an ‘aunt’ to one called Henry. From the onset, she had always loved animals and this shows by her inclusion of animals in most of her books.

She is one of only six authors to have won the Newbury award twice

Winning the prestigious Newbury award is no joke for even top writers and then to win it twice? That’s like a dream come true for acclaimed writers. Kate DiCamillo is one of six great writers to have won the award on more than one occasion – thanks to some powerful creative works of hers. Lois Lowry is another writer to have won the award twice with her novel ‘The Giver and ‘Number the Stars’.

She has written more than twenty-five books in total

Kate DiCamillo is not just any writer but quite the prolific one. She’s sacrificed so much for her writing career putting in all the time and effort, churning out two pages a day – even on a bad, burned-out day. She has written more than twenty-five books from 2000 to date – with several of them winning awards and accolades.


Does Kate DiCamillo have a dog?

Kate DiCamillo loves dogs but doesn’t have one of her own. However, she identifies as ‘aunt’ to Henry, a terrier poodle breed.

Who has Kate DiCamillo dated?

Kate DiCamillo likes to keep her personal life away from the public eye and has done that excellently well because no known dates, flings, or relationships of her have been recorded.

What did Kate DiCamillo suffer from as a child?

As a child, Kate DiCamillo suffered from chronic pneumonia and for this reason, had to move to Florida with her mother and brother.

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