Jackie Hill Perry Best Quotes 💬

Most of Jackie Hill Perry’s poem presentations, song lyrics, books, and interviews have provided quotes that aim at preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jackie Hill Perry

Poet, Writer, and Hip Hop Artist

As a gifted writer and spoken word artist, Jackie Hill Perry has constantly proven to be good with words. Her literary works are motivating and easy to understand. The language style used in all her books is direct, simple, and straight.

Jackie Hill Perry confesses that she constantly asks herself how to spread the word of God to the public. For this reason, she employs rap, poetry, teaching, and writing as a communication means. Some of her best quotes are listed below.


There is nothing so unlike God than sin.

Using this quote, Jackie Hill Perry reveals that God is holy and does not condone sin of any sort. It is not in His nature to be unholy.

We are so used to the patience of God that we are more stunned by his judgments than we are by his forbearance.

It is easy for Christians to forget that although God is merciful and just, he can also chastise and punish his children.

If we have traded God for an idol, we are not left to ourselves, away from his compassion or help. We can trade back. This is called repentance—turning from a dead idol to follow the God who not only has life in himself but more than enough to share with you.

This quote speaks on how choosing to sin does not make God withdraw his help and compassion. He continues to love sinners. The importance of repentance is also addressed.

The problem with our nature is that it corrupts our minds, inflates our ego, meddles with our vision, and darkens our understanding so that when God decides to tell us anything, we determine its integrity by how we feel over who God has revealed himself to be. That is not to say that all unbelief is emotional, but it is to say that our decision-making in regards to what we believe about God is never isolated from our affections.

Jackie Hill Perry has said more than once that the nature of man since Adam is sinful. The only way to righteousness is to let pride go and submit to the guidance of God.

Holiness (and goodness) should never be determined by the whims, wishes, and standards of a created thing or even a whole culture. Especially when that culture’s ideas are so easily influenced by the deceitful hearts within it, as well as its overall mutability, taking different shapes in conformity to its era. . . . God defines God.

The definition of holiness should not be based on what a culture or society thinks. God should be the standard when it comes to what holiness means.

If God is holy, then he can’t sin. If God can’t sin, then he can’t sin against me. If he can’t sin against me, shouldn’t that make him the most trustworthy being there is?

Lack of faith arises because we do not know that God is righteous. When the holiness of God is acknowledged, it is easy to trust him.

To say that God is holy is to say that God is God. . . . Holiness is not an aspect of God; holy is who he is through and through. His attributes are never at odds with one another, nor do they switch places depending on God’s mood; they are him.

God’s holiness does not fluctuate. He is always righteous.


Unbelief doesn’t see God as the ultimate good. So it can’t see sin as the ultimate evil. It instead sees sin as a good thing and thus God’s commands as a stumbling block to joy. In believing the Devil, I didn’t need a pentagram pendant to wear, neither did I need to memorize a hex or two. All I had to do was trust myself more than God’s Word. I had to believe that my thoughts, my affections, my rights, my wishes, were worthy of absolute obedience and that in laying prostrate before the flimsy throne I’d made for myself, that I’d be doing a good thing.

It is hard to see God as perfect when you do not believe in Him. Sin becomes enticing and hard to fight. This quote from ‘Gay Girl Good God’ shows how Jackie Hill believed she was going in the right direction when she engaged in pleasures of sin.

Unbelief, just like Satan, will always take the easy way out. It will tell us to eat the fruit in exchange for knowledge, instead of fearing God to gain real wisdom. Unbelief will unravel our perceptions of both suffering and the blessedness of life and beckon us to skip self-denial at all costs with the faux promises of comfort that can’t extend beyond the grave.

Faith in God helps us stand for God and His will. Unbelief, however, looks for an easier route to achieve plans. This alternative may be dangerous to our Christian life.

Unbelief will always contrast sin with God. Making it and not him glorious. Making it and not him worth living for. Making it and not him worth dying for.

When there is no faith, sin will exist. Iniquity will be in constant competition with God.

Sexuality and Identity

Our sexuality is not our soul, marriage is not heaven, and singleness is not hell.

This quote from ‘Gay Girl Good God’ speaks to heterosexual Christians who condemn people whose sexuality differs. Jackie Hill says we’re more than our sexual orientation.

My hands, head, face, legs, hips, hormones, private parts, voice, feet, fingers, feelings, were all made by Him and for Him. Apparently, this body was never mine to begin with – it was given to me from Somebody, for Somebody. Somebody who’d made it for glory and not shame. Until I got to know Him though, my identity would be made up of whatever dust that flew up from the devil’s feet as he ran through the earth.

She confesses that her body belongs to the Lord to use, so she has to submit to Him. She also confesses that before she knew Christ, she lived life only on her terms.

I know now what I didn’t know then. God was not calling me to be straight; he was calling me to himself.

The choice to lay aside sin and take hold of holiness was not synonymous with heterosexuality. God was calling Jackie Hill Perry to only salvation.

I don’t believe it is wise or truthful to the power of the gospel to identify oneself by the sins of one’s past or the temptations of one’s present but rather to only be defined by the Christ who’s overcome both for those he calls his own.

In this quote, Jackie Hill insists that a newly saved believer should not be judged by past actions or even current temptations, but by Christ, the Savior.

Spirituality and Faith

We are endlessly in need of God. And what a wonderful thing that is. For He is full of all that we need, moment by moment, forever and ever. We are endlessly in need of God. And what a wonderful thing that is. For He is full of all that we need, moment by moment, forever and ever.

Jackie Hill declares that humans are constantly in need of God and his help. The good part about this is that God is ever willing to help us.

Nobody can realistically run from God. He’s everywhere. They can only deceive themselves into believing He can’t catch them.

Nobody can run from God. It is impossible. Jackie Hill focuses on her salvation experience. She tried to displace the voice of God in her heart, but he did not give up on her.

Every single thing He has ever or will ever say is true. The simplicity of faith is this: taking God’s Word for it. And I might not have felt like it, but I had no choice but to believe Him.

The ease of having faith is addressed here. Complete faith in God brings peace to a Christian.

Mind renewal is a slow, active work. In it, we let God’s Word tell us how to think and see and feel. Then life begins to change as the mind changes.

Renewal of the mind is not only slow, but it is also consistent. The word of God teaches us how to relate with Him and other people.

Of all the things the serpent could come for, it is our faith he attacks most.

The devil understands that once faith in God diminishes, it is easy to derail from righteousness.

Is this what it feels like to be a Christian? I thought to myself. Is it to have a quiet war inside of yourself at all times?

After becoming a Christian, Jackie Hill Perry struggles with living a righteous life.


What quote by Jackie Hill Perry suggests that God does not withdraw his assistance even when we sin?

“If we have traded God for an idol, we are not left to ourselves, away from his compassion or help.”

Jackie Hill Perry states here that a sinner can also trade back. Sin does not have to be permanent. Jackie Hill Perry explains what repentance is; it is the turning from idols (iniquity, unbelief) to follow God who is capable of giving life in abundance.

What does Jackie Hill Perry say about renewal of the mind?

Jackie Hill Perry says that mind renewal is slow and active. The mind is renewed when we consume Biblical materials that help us focus on God. When the mind is being renewed, the word of God tells it how to think, see, and feel. Then life begins to change as the mind changes.

What quote backs up Jackie Hill Perry’s opinion on theology?

“We have to understand God rightly, to know him intimately and so, theology is necessary.”
Jackie Hill Perry believes that to know God properly, theology is needed. It creates the right understanding of God. Doctrine is necessary to acknowledge God in the ways he has explained himself, not the ways we expect him to be.

What is Jackie Hill Perry’s opinion on how holiness should be determined?

Jackie Hill Perry states that holiness should not be determined by the standards, beliefs opinions, or wishes of people, a whole culture, or any created thing. This is because sentiments and deceit can influence those standards. She insists that since God created righteousness, he alone should define what it is.

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