Jackie Hill Perry’s Best Books 📚

As an ex-lesbian, Jackie Hill Perry believes God is capable of redemption from worldly desires. Explore her best books and literature she has created.

Jackie Hill Perry

Poet, Writer, and Hip Hop Artist

Most of her books and quotes back up the belief that salvation is one of the most important decisions of humanity. Apart from ‘Gay Girl Good God’, below are Jackie Hill Perry’s other books.

Gay Girl Good God

Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry Digital Artwork
Gay Girl, Good God Digital Artwork

This autobiographical book reports on Jackie Hill Perry’s life experiences. Shaped by her encounter with abuse and lack of fatherly love, she takes on lesbianism, masculinity, and pornography. When she eventually accepts Christ, her sinful nature is purged. Jackie Hill learns to accept God’s commandments as the standard of righteousness. Using her adventures and ordeals, the author creates a template for finding fulfillment in Christ.

Jude – Bible Study Guide

God intends to ensure Christians remain holy and saintly even in a sinful world. Believers are to strive to keep their faith in God solid. In this book, themes like being loved, being called, and wisdom on how to lead people to Christ are addressed. Jackie Hill states that the best service to give others is to share the entire gospel of Christ with them, not just part of it.

Holier Than Thou

Using this book, Jackie Hill tackles the issue of God’s perfection. She believes that acceptance of God’s sanctity help us to trust His plans. This book was published after ‘Gay Girl Good God’ declares that faith in God is difficult because his righteousness is misinterpreted.

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