If I Stay Characters 🎻

‘If I Stay’ features many intriguing characters with different personalities, lifestyles, and ideologies.

If I Stay

Gayle Forman

Due to the first perspective narrative used, the characters in If I Stay reflect what Mia thinks of them and how their interaction with her affects both her life and theirs. Throughout the novel, Mia uses her ideology of each character to define a predetermined action that the characters will take.

If I Stay Characters

Mia Hall

Mia is the main character in ‘If I Stay.’ She is a 17-year-old brunette who finds herself out of place in her family as she is a classical musician, a far cry from her rock music-loving family. With her idol being Beethoven, Mia falls in love with playing the Cello and meets Adam, a rock star who later becomes her boyfriend. Mia finds herself in a dilemma as she struggles to fit into the rock lifestyle of Adam, and she feels insecure about their relationship because of her feeling out of place in Adam’s life.

Kim Schein

Kim is Mia’s best friend and a lover of photography. Starting as enemies, Mia and Kim become best friends perceived as dark sisters. Kim is sarcastic but kind to the people she knows.

Adam Wilde

Adam is Mia’s boyfriend and a lover of music. Being a guitarist in a fast-growing band known as shooting star Adam begins rising to popularity. Mia felt insecure with Adam because she feared the one thing that brought them together which was music was also the one thing pushing them away from each other. After her accident, Adam sneaks in to try and see Mia tell her to stay not because of him but because of her future which was still bright.

Teddy Hall

Teddy is Mia’s baby brother, who she describes as him being her child. Teddy admires Mia and loves her dearly like she was his second mother. Mia made up her mind to stay because of Teddy, and after finding out he was dead, she was beyond shattered as she knew there was absolutely no reason for her to stay.

Denny Hall

Denny Hall is Mia’s father and a rock music lover. Denny was in a rock band before he had Mia and her brother, and after the birth of Mia and Teddy, he decided to let go of his rock lifestyle, becoming a school teacher. Mia and her father shared a special relationship, although their styles of music were fundamentally different, she discovered her father was not only a band member but was a lyricist, and that part of his music self resonated with her.

Kat Hall

Kat is Mia’s mother and is a caring woman. Kat loves her family and rock music but finds it slightly hard to understand her daughter, who led a different lifestyle from the rest of the family. Kat loved Mia unconditionally and advised her to keep trying new things because of how reserved Mia felt.


Henry is Mia’s father’s best friend and former bandmate. Henry got annoyed with Denny after he left the band but later reconciled with him and turned a new leaf from being a playboy and a drunk after he started dating Willow, who he eventually married.


Gran is Mia’s paternal grandmother, who lives with Gramps, Mia’s grandfather, and loves to garden a lot. Being overly optimistic, Gran believes that her beloved family members became angels and reincarnated as birds watching over the entire family.

Other characters include Willow, Mrs. Schein, and Professor Christie.


Who is Kim in the book ‘If I Stay?’

Kim is Mia’s best friend.

What does Mia look like in ‘If I Stay?

Mia is a brunette who stands out from her family of blondes.

Who is Brooke Vega in ‘If I Stay?’

Brooke Vega is a punk-rock star who helps Adam create a diversion so he could see Mia at the hospital.

What is Mia’s mother’s name in ‘If I Stay?’

Mia’s mother’s name is Kat.

Who is Willow in ‘If I Stay?’

Willow is a family friend to the Halls and she is married to Henry, one of Mia’s dad’s former bandmates.

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