If I Stay

Gayle Forman

If I Stay Best Quotes

‘If I Stay’ is a novel that shows how the uncertainties of life hit hard, with numerous quotes to back up feelings and expressionism.

If I Stay Characters

‘If I Stay’ features many intriguing characters with different personalities, lifestyles, and ideologies.

If I Stay Historical Context

‘If I Stay’ remains Gayle Forman’s best book to date. The book perfectly captures the idea of choices and how making definitive decisions can be difficult.

If I Stay Plot Summary

Considered to be Gayle Forman’s best book to date, ‘If I Stay’ gives a perfect analogy of the choices made when faced with unfathomable circumstances.

If I Stay Review

‘If I Stay’ tells an intriguing story of pain, sorrow, love, transcendence into adulthood, and choices.

If I Stay Themes and Analysis

‘If I Stay’ reflects life and choice, and the book creates an analogy of how life is when one is faced with making just one choice that would change their entire life.

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