A Clockwork Orange

Anthony Burgess

A Clockwork Orange Characters

Throughout A Clockwork Orange, readers meet numerous characters, most of whom are unlikeable. Explore the full list of characters.

A Clockwork Orange Historical Context

A Clockwork Orange was famously dismissed by its author as too didactic to be considered art. He did not believe it could possibly, especially compared to his other works, define his legacy.

A Clockwork Orange Quotes

Throughout A Clockwork Orange, there are a wide variety of notable quotes. These engage with Burgess’s main themes of free will, the necessity of violence, and human nature.

A Clockwork Orange Review

A Clockwork Orange follows Alex, a young gang leader who, along with his companions, runs the streets committing the worst crimes imaginable.

A Clockwork Orange Summary

Anthony Burgress’ ‘A Clockwork Orange’ is his best-known novel and is considered a modern dystopian classic.

A Clockwork Orange Themes and Analysis

Throughout A Clockwork Orange, Burgess engages with incredibly important themes, presents disturbing and compelling symbols and uses powerful examples of figurative language.

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