Pollux is the cameraman who films propos in the Second Rebellion. He forms a part of the film crew in District 13, which also includes his brother, Castor, Cressida and her assistant, Messalla.

The Definitive Glossary for The Hunger Games

Pollux is an Avox with his tongue cut off by the Capitol due to rebellious acts against the Capitol. He works as a slave in the underground Transfer system for five years and later joins the Second Rebellion as a cameraman.

Pollux Character Profile

  • Name: Pollux
  • Age: Unknown 
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of origin: The Capitol 
  • Physical appearance: Large burly man, sandy hair, deep blue eyes, and a red beard 
  • Skills: Filming, directing, good with guns
  • Strengths: Highly creative, artistic 
  • Weaknesses: Not skilled in combat
  • Loyalties: Rebel

Personality and Physical Description

Pollux is a burly man that resembles his brother Castor in many ways. He is described as having sandy hair and a red beard. He also has deep blue eyes. His tongue is cut off as he is turned into an Avox by the Capitol.

Pollux is fearlessly rebellious. He decides to defect to the side of the rebels despite having been punished by the Capitol once already. He is also highly resilient as he survived five years of slave work in the Capitol. 

Pollux has a strong sense of morality, which guides him in his fight against President Snow. He is reliable, making him an essential member of Squad 451. Pollux is also very creative, as is evident in his work in filming the propos. He likes music and singing, which is unfortunate as he is no longer able to indulge in these activities due to being an Avox. 


Before the Second Rebellion

Pollux was born and raised in the Capitol with his brother, Castor. At some unknown point, Pollux is turned into an Avox for his rebellious activities and forced to perform slave work. As such, Pollux works in the underground passageways, tending to the utility pipes and sewage system. He also worked in the Transfer (an underground network of tunnels designed for cargo trucks and lorries). 

Castor worked extremely hard to buy Pollux’s way above ground and was successful after five long years. During his time underground, Pollux had not seen the sun even once. It is assumed that this is the reason Pollux defected to the side of the rebels in the Second Rebellion.

Film Career

Pollux escapes to District 13 along with Castor, Cressida, and Messalla to work for the rebels during the Second Rebellion. Together, they formed the film crew in charge of filming various propos that District 13 would broadcast to the Capitol.

Pollux and his fellow cameraman, Castor, are often described as “insects” by Katniss due to the mobile cameras that cover their bodies. In the meadow of District 12, Katniss and Pollux bond over their love for Mockingjays, each whistling a tune for the birds to follow. Pollux then writes the word “Sing?” in the mud, prompting Katniss to sing the famous song “The Hanging Tree.” In the movie, Pollux does not write in the dirt. Instead, he taps his lips and then points toward Katniss. Understanding what he means, Katniss begins to sing. The song then becomes a war anthem in the movie, with thousands of rebels marching against the Capitol while singing the song.

Pollux and the rest of the film crew are assigned to film Squad 451, or the “Star Squad” (which includes Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark), as they infiltrate the Capitol. Pollux helps guide the squad toward the President’s mansion. However, the squad was forced to retreat underground after a point to escape President Coin’s attention.

As Pollux was extremely knowledgeable of the underground network, he was able to guide Squad 451 through the tunnels. However, he loses his brother to the lizard mutts in the tunnels.

Pollux and Cressida are the only members of the film crew to make it out alive after the rebellion. They film the war damage together. 


Why did they turn Pollux into an Avox?

The Capitol turned Pollux into an Avox for rebelling against the Capitol. However, his exact crime is not mentioned in the novels by Suzanne Collins. 

What happened to Cressida and Pollux?

In Mockingjay, Cressida and Pollux are sent along with Squad 451 to film propos. However, they are caught in the action of the Battle of the Capitol, when the Capitol activated several pods against the rebels, and the rebels killed Capitol residents on the streets. Cressida and Pollux survive the bombs and are seen filming the post-war scenario.

Are Pollux and Castor brothers in The Hunger Games?   

Yes, Pollux and Castor are brothers in The Hunger Games. The two of them defect to the side of the rebels and work in the film crew alongside Cressida and her assistant, Messalla.

Why doesn’t Pollux talk? 

Pollux does not talk because he is an Avox. Avoxes are people of Panem who are punished by the Capitol for treason. Their tongues are cut off so that they are no longer able to communicate verbally with others. As Pollux rebelled against the Capitol, he was turned into an Avox.

Is Darius an Avox?

Yes, Darius is turned into an Avox by the Capitol. He was one of the friendliest Peacekeepers in District 12, and Katniss’ favorite. However, he was turned into an Avox for trying to stop the new Head Peacekeeper, Romulus Thread, from whipping Gale Hawthorne to death.

Who plays Pollux in the movies? 

Pollux is portrayed by actor Elden Henson in Mockingjay Part 1 and Part 2, directed by Francis Lawrence. 

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