Octavia is a young plump woman in her early 20s. She is a part of Katniss’ prep team, along with Venia and Flavius. As a member of the prep team, Octavia prepares Katniss for stage appearances and other public events by making her look presentable.

The Definitive Glossary for The Hunger Games

Although vain and superficial, Octavia grows attached to Katniss and Peeta and is sorry to see them back in the arena in the Third Quarter Quell. She, along with Venia and Flavius, is captured by the rebels and brought to District 13 during the Second Rebellion.

Octavia Character Profile

  • Name: Octavia 
  • Age: Early 20s
  • Gender: Female
  • Place of origin: The Capitol 
  • Physical appearance: Pea-green skin, plump, auburn hair
  • Skills: Cosmetology, Hair care, hair styling, hair coloring, makeup artistry
  • Strengths: Kind, generous 
  • Weaknesses: Vain, superficial 
  • Loyalties: Forced to side with the rebels

Physical Description

Octavia is a young, plump woman in her early 20s. Much like the rest of the Capitol, Octavia’s appearance has been surgically altered to fit the trending standards of beauty. Thus, Octavia sports skin that has been entirely dyed a light shade of pea green over her entire body. However, in ‘Catching Fire’, Katniss notes that Octavia’s skin color has been changed from light pea green to a light evergreen shade, suggesting that she constantly tries to keep up with the changing fashion trends in the Capitol. Octavia usually wears ostentatious clothes and makeup, changing the color of her hair every once in a while. She almost always wears 3-inch decorative nails on her fingers.

Katniss sees Octavia when she is devoid of her garish makeup and clothes and notes that her face has an “undeniable sweetness” about it. Her original hair color is auburn, and she has stubby fingers.


Ignorant of the condition of the districts, Octavia is completely self-absorbed like most of the residents in the Capitol. She speaks with an affected Capitol accent and does not seem to realize the harsh reality of the Hunger Games. Octavia, along with the rest of the prep team, are almost wholly concerned with vanity and do not understand the irony behind living such extravagant lives while the residents of the district starve to death.

Peeta looks at the glass again and puts it together. “You mean this will make me puke?” My prep team laughs hysterically. “Of course, so you can keep eating,” says Octavia. “I’ve been in there twice already. Everyone does it, or else how would you have any fun at a feast?”

‘Catching Fire’

Although Katniss finds the members of the prep team and their superficial conversations distasteful, she also notes that they are almost childlike in their behavior. It is as if they do not know anything better, having been brought up in the Capitol. 

Despite her obvious flaws, Octavia has a kind disposition. After the 74th Hunger Games, when Katniss emerges as Victor and is required to go on stage, she is not allowed to eat too much. However, Octavia slips her a roll underneath the table, showing how she can be generous and kind-hearted. She is extremely respectful of Katniss’ mother when she shows the prep team how to do Katniss’ hair. Octavia owns several pet mice at the Capitol.

Octavia in the 74th Hunger Games

Thank you,” I say sweetly. “We don’t have much cause to look nice in District Twelve.” This wins them over completely.

“Of course, you don’t, you poor darling!” says Octavia clasping her hands together in distress for me.

‘The Hunger Games’

Octavia is a part of Katniss’ prep team, along with Venia and Flavius. Together, they work in the Remake Center to prepare Katniss for stage appearances and public events. This includes cleaning her, waxing her body, washing her hair, and cleaning out her nails. They also make her skin shiny and her hair bounce. This is important as it makes it seem like Katniss is well-fed and happy in District 12.

Octavia often makes superficial conversations while performing her job. She talks about parties that she has hosted and the things that went wrong with them. While Katniss is unimpressed by this, she also notes that Octavia can be helpful and kind at the same time.

Octavia helps Katniss with her public appearances after she wins the Games as well. This includes preparing her for the post-Games interview as well as for the various appearances she makes across Panem during the Victory Tour.

Octavia in the 75th Hunger Games

Octavia, along with Venia and Flavius help Katniss prepare for her wedding dress shoot in ‘Catching Fire.’ They are also tasked with serving Katniss Everdeen as her prep team once again in the 75th Hunger Games. This time, however, Octavia is highly distressed to see her favorite tribute go back into the arena once again. She has grown fond of Katniss and is unable to perform her duties well, as the thought of Katniss’ imminent death is highly disturbing to her. Before Katniss heads back into the arena, Octavia and Flavius weep so much that they quit their duties.

Octavia is also highly ignorant of the simmering rebellion in the districts. She believes every propaganda of the Capitol, one of which states that seafood is unavailable at the Capitol due to bad weather in District 4. However, Katniss realizes that seafood is no longer available because District 4 is rebelling against the Capitol.

Octavia in District 13

Octavia, Venia, and Flavius are captured and brought to District 13 from the Capitol the night Katniss breaks out of the arena. It was Cinna’s wish for the prep team to work on Katniss even during the Second Rebellion. However, Octavia and the others are held hostage and treated cruelly by the rebels. They are confined in a room and later heavily punished for stealing a slice of bread. They are detained and shackled half-naked to a wall and most likely beaten up in punishment.

Katniss finds her prep team in a room that stinks of filthy bodies, urine, and infection. Octavia has not been fed, which is why her body seems like a “deflated balloon.” Katniss is enraged at this treatment of her prep team and helps to get them out of their confinement. Octavia later helps to prepare Katniss for the various propos that are filmed in District 13. She also works on Katniss’ appearance on the day of President Snow’s execution.


What happens to Flavius and Octavia? 

Flavius and Octavia are captured by the rebels in Mockingjay and brought to District 13. They are confined in a dark and dingy room for days on end and are punished for stealing a slice of bread. However, Katniss helps to break them out of their confinement. Both of them survived the Second Rebellion.

What does Octavia do in ‘The Hunger Games’?   

Octavia is a part of Katniss’ prep team for the 74th and the 75th Hunger Games. As such, she works on improving Katniss’ appearance before Cinna, Katniss’ stylist, takes over. Octavia helps to wax and shave Katniss’ body and buff up her hair and nails. Octavia dyes her skin pale shades of green, including a light forest green and light pea green. In the Hunger Games films by Lionsgate, the role of Octavia is played by Brooke Bundy, while Portia is played by Latarsha Rose. Katniss Everdeen and Gale Hawthorne are portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth, respectively. 

Why was Katniss’s prep team detained and chained to a wall? 

Katniss’s prep team is detained in District 13 to help Katniss prepare for her role as the Mockingjay in the Second Rebellion. However, they are severely punished and chained to a wall when they steal a slice of bread to satisfy their hunger.

How does Katniss feel about her prep team?

Katniss is unimpressed with her prep team’s self-absorption and vanity. While she does not respect them, she does begin to care for them due to their childlike innocence. She treats them with kindness and patience and makes sure to keep her offensive thoughts about them to herself.

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