Commander Paylor

Commander Paylor is the leader of the rebel forces in District 8. She is a dependable and charismatic leader who is aware of the ground reality in the districts.

The Definitive Glossary for The Hunger Games

After the assassination of President Coin, Commander Paylor is voted as the new President of Panem. Under her rule, Panem is established as a democratic republic, and the Hunger Games are abolished forever.

Commander Paylor Profile

  • Name: Paylor 
  • Age: Early 30s
  • Gender: Female
  • Place of origin: District 8
  • Physical appearance: Dark brown eyes and dark brown hair
  • Skills: Excellent marksmanship, skilled with weapons such as machine gun
  • Strengths: Excellent leadership, magnanimous, just, and benevolent as a leader
  • Weaknesses: Unknown
  • Loyalties: Rebel

Personality and Physical Description

Paylor is a fierce leader with an incredible ability to command people into action. She is highly dependable and charismatic, which makes it easy for the people of the district to trust her. She is also keenly aware of the strategies employed both by the rebels and the Capitol. This is how she was able to discern that President Coin was not to be trusted. 

Paylor was a just and benevolent leader who wished to stand up for what was right rather than exact revenge upon the Capitol. During the emergency election, she received the most votes suggesting that she was the most favored leader of the rebellion.

Katniss notes that Commander Paylor looks young for her age. She has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.


Hailing from District 8, Paylor most likely worked in the textile industry before the beginning of the rebellion. Not much else is known about her early life.

Katniss Everdeen first meets Commander Paylor in the hospital of District 8 when she goes there to film a propo for the Airtime Assault that the rebels were planning against the Capitol. Commander Paylor meets Katniss, Gale Hawthorne, Boggs as well as the camera crew and shows them around the hospital. She also tries to judge whether the district has made the right decision in trusting Katniss as the leader of the rebellion.

As the propo is being broadcasted live, the Capitol sends in hovercrafts and begins bombing the hospital just as Katniss and the others leave. Katniss and Gale climb up to the roof of a warehouse to use the machine gun nests available to shoot down the hovercrafts. Here, Katniss meets Paylor again, and together, they destroy the wave of hovercrafts.

Commander Paylor continues to lead the rebel troops from the districts and soon becomes an important point of contact between the leaders in District 13 and the residents of Districts 1-12.

After the capture of the president’s mansion, Commander Paylor allows Katniss to visit President Snow in the glasshouse. Although the soldiers outside the glass house have been instructed not to let Katniss in, they obey Commander Paylor and allow Katniss to speak to President Snow. Here, Katniss discovers that President Coin was the one who sent in the bomb that killed the Capitol children and the Rebel Aides, including Katniss’s sister, Prim. At the end of this interaction, Commander Paylor tells Katniss that she hoped she found what she was looking for. This might mean that Commander Paylor knew the truth behind the bombing of the Capitol children.

President of Panem

After the assassination of President Coin by Katniss, Panem holds an emergency election where Commander Paylor is voted as President. She holds a trial for Katniss, at the end of which she extends her a full pardon based on her mental instability. Katniss then goes to live in District 12, which is rebuilt under President Paylor’s rule as a medicine district. Paylor establishes democracy and sets up Panem as a republic nation. She abolishes the Hunger Games, destroys the arenas, and builds several memorials for tributes over the years. She appoints Plutarch Heavensbee as her Secretary of Communications.


Is Commander Paylor good?    

Yes, Commander Paylor is on the “good” side of the rebellion. She is a fierce leader of the rebels in District 8 and is later named the President of Panem, after the assassination of President Coin. She is portrayed by Patina Miller in the movies, while Coin is played by Julianne Moore.

Does Paylor ever pardon Katniss? 

Paylor holds a trial for Katniss for assassinating President Coin. At the trial, Katniss is declared mentally unstable and therefore receives a full pardon for action. Paylor, therefore allows her to live out the rest of her days in District 12 without any punishment.

Was President Coin evil?

Although President Coin is the leader of the rebels, she is just as power-hungry as President Snow. She turns out to be a ruthless leader who does not hesitate in killing innocent people and committing cruel acts to climb the ladder of power.

Who becomes President after Coin dies?

Commander Paylor becomes the President after Coin dies. She is a strong candidate amongst the rebel leaders and receives the most votes in the first election held after the rebellion.

How did they turn Peeta against Katniss?    

The Capitol turned Peeta against Katniss (played by Jennifer Lawrence) through a method known as hijacking. In this method, small doses of tracker jacker venom are used to induce hallucinations. At the same time, negative and fear-mongering messages about Katniss are introduced into Peeta’s mind. This is done enough times to confuse Peeta and frighten him with the very idea of Katniss.

Will the Hunger Games become real?

It is highly unlikely that the Hunger Games will turn into a reality. Society has come a long way over the years, and the ideals of democracy and liberty are upheld in most countries of the world as the pillars of civilization. As such, the Hunger Games will never be condoned as a method of control by most of the world.

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