Boggs is the second-in-command of President Coin and the leader of Squad 451. He acts as Katniss’ bodyguard after she agrees to embody the “Mockingjay”.

The Definitive Glossary for The Hunger Games

Boggs is one of the few leaders of the rebellion that Katniss is genuinely fond of. In turn, Boggs respects Katniss and is willing to lay down his life for her. He leads Squad 451 across the streets of the Capitol before being killed by a street pod.

BoggsCharacter Profile

  • Name: Boggs
  • Age: Mid-40s (Mockingjay)
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of origin: District 13
  • Physical appearance: Blue eyes, close-cropped gray hair with incredible posture
  • Skills: Skilled with various weapons, leadership
  • Strengths: Highly skilled in combat, excellent leader
  • Weaknesses: Unknown
  • Loyalties: Rebel

Personality and Physical Description

Boggs has a great amount of honor and dignity and does not compromise on the same, no matter what position he climbs to. He is one of the few genuine people in the rebellion who is fighting for liberty and freedom. As such, Boggs does not agree with President Coin’s power-hungry moves and even warns Katniss to be wary of her. Boggs is a true soldier, brave and confident in his skills of combat. He is also an excellent leader, as he can function efficiently as President Coin’s second-in-command as well as the leader of Squad 451.

Boggs is described in the books as having close-cropped gray hair, blue eyes as well as having “incredible posture”. In the films, however, he is played by Mahershala Ali, who is bald and has brown skin and brown eyes. 

Boggs in the Second Rebellion

Boggs works as President Coin’s second-in-command during the Second Rebellion. As the second-in-command, he is responsible for deciding the rebels’ future moves against the Capitol. Once Katniss Everdeen agrees to become the Mockingjay, Boggs becomes her protector. As such, he helps to come up with the complete propo strategy with her in the command room, and he goes with her to film propos in Districts 12 and 8, protecting her from attack whenever possible.

Katniss becomes fond of Boggs as she realizes that he is one of the sincerest people in the rebellion. Boggs takes the lead in most of the incidents that follow. He leads the people of District 13 to safety in the safe bunkers after Peeta warns them of an impending attack from the Capitol. He also puts together a rescue team to rescue Peeta Mellark, Johanna Mason, and Enobaria from the clutches of the Capitol.

Boggs goes with Katniss to District 2, where the rebels plan to take over the “Nut.” Boggs is the one to lay down the options available to them at this point: either blow up the Nut from the inside or provide the people living inside a chance of escape from the bombs. 

Boggs as the Captain of Squad 451

Boggs becomes the leader of Squad 451, also known as the sharpshooter’s squad or the “Star Squad,” which consists of Katniss Everdeen, Gale Hawthorne, Finnick Odair, Jackson, Mitchell, Leeg 1 and 2, and the camera crew. The squad is tasked with the propaganda of spreading disinformation to the Capitol and shooting propos to increase the morale of the rebels. They, therefore, begin training to shoot propos and head out towards the Capitol.

Unfortunately, Leeg 2 is killed by a pod, and the squad receives Peeta Mellark as a replacement. This is when Katniss voices out her concerns to Boggs, as she deems Peeta’s condition more of a hazard than any help. This is when Boggs helps her understand that President Coin wished to kill Katniss off through Peeta, as Katniss was too much of a threat to her after the rebellion if they were successful. This is because Coin has realized that Katniss would never wholeheartedly show her willingness to back Coin for President.


Don’t trust them. Don’t go back. Kill Peeta. Do what you came to do.

Boggs to Katniss in ‘Mockingjay’

The squad is careful not to activate any pods as they make their way through the streets of the Capitol. Boggs uses the “Holo,” a device that contains a map of the Capitol along with a fairly accurate representation of the pods present on their way. After a few days, however, an unfortunate incident takes place. Boggs accidentally steps onto a tile that activates a mine pod. The pod goes off, blowing up both of Boggs’ legs.

Knowing that he does not have long to live, Boggs transfers the command of the Holo to Katniss while telling her not to trust “them.” By these words, he likely means that the head of the rebellion, President Coin, has an agenda against Katniss and that Katniss would do well to be wary of them. Boggs then passes away from loss of blood.

The squad leaves his body on the street and moves on with their mission. Peacekeepers find Boggs’ body and assume that the entire Squad 451 is wiped out. They relay the same through a message to President Snow.


Why did Boggs say “Don’t trust them”?

Right before he dies, Boggs gives Katniss a brief speech: “Don’t trust them.” By “them,” he is most likely referring to President Coin, who is just as autocratic as President Snow is. Boggs is also aware that President Coin sees Katniss as a threat and that Katniss does not fully endorse Coin as the new leader of Panem.

What happened to Boggs in The Hunger Games?

While checking if the coast was clear for the Star Squad, Boggs accidentally steps on a landmine pod and has both his legs blown off. As he rapidly loses blood, he transfers the Holo over to Katniss while telling her not to trust “them.” He dies from loss of blood, and the Peacekeepers then find his body.

Who is Boggs’ second-in-command? 

Jackson from Squad 451 is Boggs’ second-in-command. Jackson is an extraordinary sharpshooter who can accurately shoot things that are not even visible to others.

What did Boggs’ last words mean? 

Boggs’ last words, “Don’t trust them,” was a warning call to Katniss that after the Second Rebellion, one totalitarian government (led by President Snow) was about to be replaced by another (led by President Coin). 

Why was Boggs killed in The Hunger Games?    

While the Star Squad was clearing a street full of traps, Boggs accidentally steps on a tile that activates a mine pod that kills him. Boggs is played by Mahershala Ali in Mockingjay Part – 1 and Part 2, while Katniss is portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence. The cast also includes Donald Sutherland and Julianne Moore.

Was Katniss punished for killing Coin? 

The people of Panem hold a trial for Katniss to decide her fate for killing President Coin. At the trial, several people testify for Katniss, including Dr. Aurelius, Katniss’ Head Doctor. Dr. Aurelius is able to get Katniss a full pardon by stating that she has PTSD (shell-shocked) and is highly disturbed in her mind, and is, thereby, unaware of the right thing to do.

Why does Snow laugh when Katniss kills Coin?

There is various speculation as to why Snow laughs when Katniss kills Coin. First, it might be from the satisfaction of having momentarily evaded death once again. Second, it might be because he enjoys the irony of the situation.

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