Catching Fire

Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire Character List

‘Catching Fire’ by Suzanne Collins builds on the characters that were introduced in the first book of the “Hunger Games” trilogy.

Catching Fire Plot Summary

‘Catching Fire’ by Suzanne Collins is the second installment of the “Hunger Games” trilogy. It continues the story of Katniss as she is thrown back into the Hunger Games once again.

Catching Fire Quotes

‘Catching Fire’ by Suzanne Collins has several quotes that are highly intriguing.

Catching Fire Review

“Catching Fire”, the second novel in the “Hunger Games” trilogy is action-packed and thrilling, much like its predecessor.

Catching Fire Themes and Analysis

‘Catching Fire’ is the second novel in the “Hunger Games” trilogy. It explores several themes including manipulation, love and sacrifice, the power of appearances, strength, and courage, and the struggle for control.