Gone with the Wind

'Gone with The Wind' by Margaret Mitchell chronicles the life of sixteen-year-old Scarlett O’Hara, rife with teenage exuberance and accustomed to getting everything and every man she wants.

Gone with the Wind Review ⭐

Literary artistry is not what makes ‘Gone with the Wind’ a timeless favorite for many readers. It is its fascinating characters and plot that has made it endure in relevance even many decades after its publication. Here is a review that points out some of the pros and cons of the novel

Gone with the Wind Characters 👩

One of the things that make Gone with the Wind a worthwhile read is its array of interesting characters. From virtuous Melanie to vicious Scarlett, the characters project individual differences and human nature in vivid pictures.

Gone with the Wind Quotes 💬

From “I’ll think about it tomorrow” to “I don’t give a damn” and many other things in between; let’s take a look at some meaningful quotes in this Margaret Mitchell’s famous novel that does not deserve to be gone with the wind.

Gone with the Wind Historical Context 📖

It is not surprising that ‘Gone with the Wind’ is so controversial. A story told to reflect the racial divisions and slave-driven economy of the nineteenth century South would be problematic to modern-day sensibilities. Below are some of the historical contexts of the novel.

Gone with the Wind Themes and Analysis 📖

‘Gone with the Wind’ is a story to either love or hate but it surely never fails to evoke emotions in readers. Here are some thought-provoking themes and symbols you should try not to miss in this timeless novel.

Gone with the Wind Summary 📖

‘Gone with the Wind’ follows Scarlett O’Hara and how her decisions were informed by her circumstances. From marrying to spite a lost love, to venturing into unconventional businesses to escape poverty and starvation. It is an interesting story of individual and collective struggles for survival.