Bridge to Terabithia

‘Bridge to Terabithia’ is a fictional children’s book written by American writer Katherine Paterson, inspired by the tragedy of the death of her son’s friend - who got hit by lightening.

Bridge to Terabithia Review ⭐

‘Bridge to Terabithia’ by Katherine Paterson is a fantasy thriller which explores the dynamics of children’s life in the aspects of family, love, loneliness, friendship, and grief.

Bridge to Terabithia Character List 📖

In ‘Bridge to Terabithia’, author Katherine Paterson opts to use simple, relatable characters who play uniquely to their designated roles as the plots of the book unfold.

Bridge to Terabithia Best Quotes 💬

Quotes in Katherine Paterson’s ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ are simple but powerful enough to convey significant aspects of children’s lives – such as their craving for friendship, feeling of loneliness, and desire to fit in.

Bridge to Terabithia Historical Context 📖

Katherine Paterson’s ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ is set in the 1970s and so is characterized by the prevalence of stagflation – which was the major economic trend in the United States at the time.

Bridge to Terabithia Themes and Analysis 📖

Katherine Paterson’s a ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ covers mostly the themes of loneliness, grief, and friendship – all of which come to play in Jesse’s quest to find care and attention.

Bridge to Terabithia Summary 📖

‘Bridge to Terabithia’ follows a monovocal summary style where the author, Katherine Paterson, narrates an all-absorbing story through the eyes of 10-year-old Jesse Aarons.