‘Foundation’ is a novel that tells the story of the five different eras that followed the fall of an empire that had stood for 12,000 years.

Foundation Vocabulary 📝

‘Foundation’ featured the articulation of real-world political concepts, the creation of unique expression-rich vocabulary, and the introduction of naturally inclined characters.

Foundation Review ⭐

With its fantastic story, intricately detailed world-building, and interesting characters, ‘Foundation’ has earned its place as one of the novels that set the stage for the world of science fiction.

Foundation Historical Context 📖

‘Foundation’ is a novel that used extensive world-building, political conceptualization, and elements of the real-world history to form a story that portrayed a picture of how a futuristic human society would exist.

Top 10 Quotes from Foundation 💬

With its tales of politics, fate, and freedom, ‘Foundation’ uses quotes that show Isaac Asimov’s thoughts through the voice of his characters.

Foundation Characters 📖

‘Foundation’ is an extensive collection of stories that cut across different eras. From the fall of the Galactic Empire to the rise of the Foundation, the novel features many characters.

Foundation Themes and Analysis 📖

Though it got created as five separate stories, each part of ‘Foundation’ presents its array of themes, and combining each section makes the novel intricately interesting.

Foundation Plot Summary 📖

‘Foundation’ is a story that shows the struggle to save humanity from a dark age. Each part of the novel showed a part of the bigger picture portrayed by Isaac Asimov when he was writing the story.