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Book Protagonist: Allyson Healey
Publication Date: 2013
Genre: Action and Adventure, Teen and Young Adult


Just One Day

By Gayle Forman

From a tale of adventure, romance, and exploration to one of heartbreak, pain, and an insatiable want for closure, 'Just One Day' attunes its reader's emotions, giving them a first-hand experience of Allyson's story.

With great story plots, captivating characters, an excellent setting, and a remarkable ending, ‘Just One Day’ is a book still worth reading.

Just One Day Review


‘Just One Day’ is a novel whose story is comedy-tragic but still ends in a way that leaves the reader wanting more. Separated into two parts, ‘Just One Day’ tells a story from two different times. In the first part of the story, Allyson meets Willem. After meeting him for the second time on a train, her life becomes warmer and prettier as she and Willem go on an adventure around Paris.

Their journey leads Allyson to fall in love with Willem but the problem begins as he abandons her. Then the second part of the novel which involves Allyson struggling to fight the pain left by Willem ensues. Though the story layout suggests it could get split into two separate novels, Gayle Forman decided to keep it together as a single book.

‘Just One Day’ did justice to adventure as the book intricately inculcated exceptional detailing into its setting. From England to Paris, New York, and Boston, the novel gave a refreshingly exquisite view of the places it featured. The book associated each location with an emotion, making it much more appealing.


Though ‘Just One Day’ got narrated from Allyson’s sole perspective, it did justice to its characters. From the primary characters to the secondary ones, ‘Just One Day’ paid attention to the role played by each character. Giving each character a trait, Gayle Forman designed ‘Just One Day’ characters to support the story while being different in expression. However, some characters lacked exact definitions; this made it hard for a reader to associate a specific personality with them.


The dialogues of ‘Just One Day’ occur in a way that makes the reader feel like they were a part of the conversation. With the first perspective form used in writing, some conversations happen as if the reader was physically in the story; this made ‘Just One Day’ adeptly realistic.

Writing Style and Conclusion

The language, setting, and format of ‘Just One Day’ gave it a natural feel. With the story piercing into the mind and emotions of its main character, it creates a sense of familiarity in the reader’s mind. Written in the first-person perspective, ‘Just One Day’ used intricate descriptions of places to create a feeling of coziness in the reader.

As for the conclusion, ‘Just One Day’ created a feeling of curiosity in the reader’s mind with its ending. The book makes the reader sure of a continuation of Allyson and Willem’s story because it ends with Allyson entering Willem’s home.


Is Just One Day a good book to read?

Yes, ‘Just One Day’ is a great book to read as the novel combines romance, adventure, pain, and self-discovery to give an interesting story.

Who is the antagonist of Just One Day?

Though the story does not specify the antagonist, Willem is the antagonist. His presence in Allyson’s life brought her pain and the feeling of inadequacy.

What happens to Melanie in Just One Day?

After they tour Europe, Melanie goes to college in New York. She changes her hair color and tells Allyson how she had a fling with Suzanne.

Who is Trevor in Just One Day?

Trevor is the guy Melanie made out with after going out to a party with Allyson in New York.

Does Just One Day leave a lasting impact on the reader?

Yes, with a great story and an epic ending, ‘Just One Day’ leaves an impression of curiosity and calmness in the reader.

Just One Day Review
  • Story
  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Writing Style
  • Dialogue
  • Lasting Effect on Reader

Just One Day: Love, Adventure, Pain

‘Just One Day’ is a story of Allyson Healey, who meets Willem, an actor, in Europe and goes on a tour around Paris with him. She falls deeply in love with him but, he abandons her. Allyson then begins a journey that takes her back to the places of her beautiful memories in search of Willem.


  • Excellent setting.
  • Great characters.
  • An interesting ending.


  • The story has two parts that could have been split into two novels.
  • Some characters lacked depth.
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