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Book Protagonist: Anastasia, Christian
Publication Date: 2012
Genre: Erotic, Romance


Fifty Shades Freed

By E. L. James

‘Fifty Shades Freed’ introduces new characters into Ana and Christian’s lives as they explore the journey of marriage.

‘Fifty Shades Freed’ is the last novel in the Fifty Shades Trilogy. It tells the story of Ana and Christian as a newly wedded couple. Christian’s relationship with Ana gets tested as they face issues in their marriage involving foes.

Fifty Shades Freed Characters


After Christian proposes to Ana and she says yes, they get married. On resuming her job at SIP, she decides to keep her maiden name and not change it. However, Christian convinces her that it means a lot to him if she changes her maiden name to Grey. As a married woman, Ana begins adjusting to married life. However, she faces a dilemma that tests her love for Christian. 

After having a night out with Kate against Christian’s wishes, Ana returns home and realizes that she escaped a kidnap attempt by Jack Hyde. Surprised that Jack is free, she learns that Jack had already set his plan for kidnapping her. When Christian returns from his trip, he argues with her about going out. No longer the shy and naïve girl she was, she stands her ground, explaining to Christian that she needs more freedom for their relationship to work. 

As an apology, Christian surprises Ana with a trip to Aspen, and on returning, she learns that she is pregnant. On delivering the news of her pregnancy to Christian, she realizes that Christian is jealous of their baby; this makes her angry and frustrated as she tells him that she will choose her unborn baby over him because it is what a mother does. 

Christian gets drunk, and Ana learns that he was out with Elena; this makes her furious, and she decides to silence him out of her life. 

Jack kidnaps Mia and demands $5 million from her. Ana decides to save Mia at all costs and lies to Christian, telling him that she is leaving with the baby. Ana meets Jack, who beats her up. However, before he hurts her further, she shoots him in the leg. She gets rescued, and she recovers in the hospital. Months later, she gives birth to a baby boy, and two years after that, she gets pregnant with a second child.


Christian gets married to her and gifts her SIP. Though he is a better person and pays attention to Ana’s emotional needs, the trauma of his past still haunts him. Christian finds out that Jack Hyde tried to kidnap Ana, but she was not at home. Though happy she is safe, he scolds her for leaving the house. Ana argues and demands more freedom. After succumbing to her demands, he decides to surprise her with a trip to Aspen. He also invites Kate, Elliot, and Mia. 

On returning home, Ana learns that her step-father, Ray, is in a coma from an accident. Christian throws a surprise family dinner for Ana’s birthday. However, Ana gets pregnant, and his former self comes rushing in as he gets defensive about having a child. With Ana holding her ground, he leaves the house and gets drunk with Elena. On returning home, he tells Ana that she should abort the baby; this makes Ana furious, and she decides not to talk to him. 

While Christian is away on a business trip, he receives a call from his bank manager, Troy Whelan, stating that Ana wants $5 million. Christian asks Ana if she wants to leave him and gets heartbroken when she says yes. However, he discerns that Ana is in danger and tracks her using Troy’s phone as Ana takes his phone with her. He gets to Ana before she passes out and takes her to the hospital. 

When Ana wakes up, Christian apologizes to her for being an insensitive husband and promises to be more dedicated to her and their unborn child. He hires an investigator, who discovers that Eric helped Jack. As revenge, he buys Eric’s company. Ana gives birth to a boy months later.

Jack Hyde

After getting arrested for trying to assault Ana, Jack gets bail. On leaving prison, he begins planning his revenge on Ana and Christian. Jack tries to kidnap Ana at her new home but fails as he gets apprehended by Christian’s security guards. He gets bailed out by Eric Lincoln, Elena’s husband, and decides to go after Mia Grey, Christian’s sister. He calls Ana after he kidnaps Mia and tells her to bring $5 million for Mia’s freedom. He blackmails Elizabeth, his former assistant, into helping him, and when Ana hands the money to him, he hits her hard and tries to kill her. While Elizabeth argues with him, Ana shoots him in the leg. He gets arrested and sent to prison finally.


When Kate returns to Seattle, she calls Ana and invites her to a girls’ night out. When Christian decides to let Ana have her space, he organizes a trip to Aspen with Kate, Elliot, and Mia. Kate tells Ana about Elliot’s strange behavior, and she lets Ana know that she thinks Elliot is cheating on her. Kate gets shocked when Elliot asks her to marry him. She says yes. She and Elliot later marry and have a daughter called Ava.


After Christian asks her to stay away from him and Ana, Elena leaves his life. However, after he learns that Ana is pregnant, he gets drunk and visits Elena. She advises him and tells him that Ana loves him unconditionally as how she will love her unborn baby. Christian later learns that Elena was beaten by her ex-husband after he discovered his past relationship with him.

Eric Lincoln

Eric is Elena’s ex-husband. He got extremely jealous when he discovered that Elena had a relationship with Christian. Eric beats her up and bails out Jack to take revenge on Christian. When Christian discovers that Eric was behind Jack’s bail and also learns that he beat up Elena, he buys his timber company as revenge.

Elizabeth Morgan

Elizabeth is the head of personnel at SIP. As Jack’s former assistant, she gets blackmailed by him to help out with Mia’s kidnap. Unable to report to the police, Elizabeth assists Jack in kidnapping Mia and picking up Ana from the bank. When Ana meets Jack, he violently hits her and decides to kill her. Elizabeth steps in, and an argument ensues between her and Jack; this gives Ana time to pull out her gun and shoot Jack. After he gets arrested, Elizabeth confesses to working as an accomplice but also states that she was blackmailed and had no choice.

Troy Whelan

Troy Whelan is the bank manager Ana meets to ask for $5 million. Because the account belongs to Ana and Christian, Troy calls Christian. Christian asks him to put Ana on the phone. Ana leaves the bank with Troy’s phone after talking to Christian, and Christian uses the phone to track Ana to Jack Hyde.


When he goes to Aspen with Kate, Mia, Ana, and Christian, Elliot begins planning his proposal to Kate but withholds the information from her; this makes her suspect that he is cheating on her. However, he asks her to be his wife, and she says yes.


When Elizabeth abducts Mia from the gym, Jack calls Ana to deliver $5 million to him. When Ana hands him the money, he tries to kill her and Mia, but an argument with Elizabeth gives Ana time to shoot him. Mia gets rescued, and she recovers at the hospital.

Other characters in the novel include Welsh, Hannah, Sawyer, Taylor, and Ray.


Who is Welsh in Fifty Shades Freed?

Welsh is a private investigator Christian hires after Ana shoots Jack and helps get him arrested. He helps uncover the mystery behind Jack’s bail and pinpoints Eric Lincoln as the mastermind behind his release. Welsh also discovers a secret that Christian and Jack stayed in the same foster home before Grace adopted Christian.

What happens to Elizabeth Morgan in Fifty Shades Freed?

Elizabeth becomes Jack Hyde’s accomplice after he blackmails her. She helps him kidnap Mia from the gym, and after Jack gets arrested, she gets taken into custody, but her fate is unknown.

What happens to Kate in Fifty Shades Freed?

When Christian agrees to give Ana more freedom, he invites Kate, Elliot, and Mia on a trip to Aspen. During their time in Aspen, Kate gets suspicious of Elliot’s activities. However, he proposes to her, and she says yes. They later marry and give birth to a girl, Ava.

Who is Troy Whelan in Fifty Shades Freed?

Troy Whelan is the manager of Christian and Ana’s bank. When she requests $5 million, he calls Christian, who tells him to hand the phone to Ana. After their conversation, Ana takes Troy’s phone with her, and it gets used to tracking her to Jack.

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