The Color Purple

'The Color Purple' by Alice Walker is a compelling story that exposes the evils of racism, sexism, domestic violence, trauma, and abuse especially as it affects African-American people.

The Color Purple Review ⭐

‘The Color Purple’ is one of the most famous stories of struggling African-American women told by an African American woman herself. The novel brought the attention of the mainstream world to the struggles of economically disadvantaged black people from the perspectives of those affected directly.

The Color Purple Historical Context 📖

Some of the issues in ‘The Color Purple’ are still relevant in the present day. However, the dynamics of the society in the setting of the novel are different in some ways from the present-day society. The historical context of the setting puts the story into better perspective.

The Color Purple Themes and Analysis 📖

‘The Color Purple’ by Alice Walker is a great novel with powerful stories and themes that are relevant across continents and generations. The novel also has inspirational symbols like the phrase of the title which symbolizes beauty in nature.

The Color Purple Quotes 💬

Just like the title, ‘The Color Purple’ is a novel that is embellished with colorful quotes and messages.

The Color Purple Character List 📖

From Celie, the protagonist who will have you feel her pain as you root for her; to Tashi, the eccentric African girl who battles with identity; and everyone else in between, ‘The Color Purple’ has an array of characters that will interest every reader.

The Color Purple Summary 📖

The plot of ‘The Color Purple’ is anchored on Celie’s life struggles as a black girl in America who is subjected to abuse and deprivation.