Lolita Character List

Discover the most important characters in ‘Lolita’, from Humbert Humbert to Dolores, Quilty, and Charlotte.

Lolita Historical Context

Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’ has since its publication been regarded as one of the finest books in the English language. Lolita’s lack of clear, objective moral stance and the paradox that marries Humbert’s aesthetically pleasing, persuasive writing with his evil acts have continued to both confuse, shock, and astound readers to this day.

Lolita Plot Summary

‘Lolita’ is the subversive story of a middle-aged man’s lustful obsession with his 12-year-old step-daughter.

Lolita Quotes

Many quotes in Lolita perfectly captures important themes that drive the book. The themes of taboo, solipsism, and the humanized beast are poignantly captured in a few quotes.

Lolita Review

‘Lolita’ is a masterpiece of the prose style and a forerunner for a free and expressive literary approach that upends conventions.

Lolita’s Themes and Analysis

In Humbert’s obsessive, taboo desires, artful presentation, and interaction with America, a number of salient themes are produced in ‘Lolita.’

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