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Veronica Roth lived through a tumultuous childhood, but now lives a quiet life in Chicago. She has written all her life, and has written a brace of young adult fiction books set in diverse worlds.

Veronica Roth

American Novelist

Veronica Roth came to the world’s attention when, ‘Divergent,’ the first in her widely popular book series was published in 2011. The popularity of the big screen adaptation of the Divergent book series shot the young author to superstardom as the films premiered worldwide Enjoy these 8 interesting facts about Veronica Roth.

Veronica Roth’s Childhood Passion for Writing.

Veronica Roth was born on August 19, 1988, in New York City, USA. As a young girl, she deeply loved reading books and storytelling. Fascinated by the written word, young Veronica would bury herself in the worlds her favorite authors created, creating a deep appreciation for the power of storytelling.

Her passion for writing led her to begin crafting her own stories at an early age. She developed a habit of making journals, which allowed her thoughts and imagination to flow freely onto the pages. This practice would serve as a crucial foundation for her future career as a celebrated author.

Veronica Roth’s Academic Pursuits and Her Path to Divergent

Veronica Roth’s academic journey played a significant role in fostering her creative instincts and helping her hone her skills as a storyteller. She attended Barrington High School in Illinois, where she continued to pursue her love for writing by actively participating in creative writing classes and literary clubs.

After high school, Veronica Roth went on to attend Northwestern University. It was during her time at university that she started working on her debut novel, ‘Divergent.’ Drawing inspiration from her studies in creative writing and her fascination with dystopian themes, Roth went on a creative journey that would forever change her life.

Veronica Roth’s Literary Breakthrough

Veronica Roth’s award-winning book, ‘Divergent,’ was published In 2011, and immediately hit the world like a storm. It instantly captured the attention of readers worldwide, shooting the budding author to stardom. Set in a dystopian society divided into factions based on human virtues, the novel follows the gripping journey of Beatrice “Tris” Prior as she navigates identity, courage, and sacrifice.

Divergent quickly became a cultural phenomenon, resonating with readers of all ages. The novel’s success led to the release of two sequels, ‘Insurgent‘ (2012) and ‘Allegiant‘ (2013), completing the trilogy and solidifying Roth’s position as a leading figure in the young adult literature world.

Veronica Roth Had Problems Adapting to Fame

As her debut book, ‘Divergent,’ gained widespread popularity, Veronica Roth found herself in the spotlight of literary fame. The success of the ‘Divergent’ trilogy brought both admiration and scrutiny, as her work garnered an ardent fanbase and sparked debates among critics. Nonetheless, Roth demonstrated grace and humility in the face of newfound recognition, remaining dedicated to her craft and appreciative of her readers’ support.

More Work from Veronica Roth

Following the staggering success of her first book series, Veronica Roth embarked on a new literary adventure with the ‘Carve the Mark‘ duology. Published in 2017, ‘Carve the Mark‘ introduces readers to a captivating cosmos set in a galaxy where fate and power intertwine.

With ‘Carve the Mark‘ which was published in 2017, and its sequel, ‘The Fates Divide,’ published in 2018, Veronica Roth proved her versatility as an author. By stepping away from dystopian settings and exploring new worlds, she showcased her ability to captivate readers with diverse narratives and her imaginative storytelling.

Veronica Roth and her Social Impact

Veronica Roth’s influence extends beyond the fictional realms she creates. She has been an advocate for social issues and has used her platform to speak out on matters close to her heart. Her dedication to empowering women and promoting diversity in literature has made her an influential voice in the publishing industry.

Roth’s commitment to social change has resonated with her fans, who appreciate her efforts to foster inclusivity and representation in her works and the broader literary community.

Veronica Roth Private Life

The author leads a private life in Chicago with her photographer husband, Nelson Fitch.

Veronica Roth’s Fortune

Roth has made a fortune from her many books, but she has earned far more from her ‘Divergent‘ series. Just after she left college, Veronica Roth sold the rights to ‘Divergent‘ to Lionsgate for $500,000. The ‘Divergent‘ has also earned her about 12 million dollars, from over 30 million copies sold worldwide.


How many of Veronica Roth’s books have been adapted to film?

‘Divergent,’ ‘Insurgent,’ and ‘Allegiant’, the three books that make up the Divergent book series have all been adapted to film.

Was the ‘Divergent‘ adaptation a success?

The ‘Divergent’ film adaptation was a moderate success, grossing $288.9 million from its worldwide premiers. It earned Lionsgate Pictures $71 million in profit.

Who directed the ‘Divergent‘ film adaptation?

The ‘Divergent‘ adaptation was directed by Niel Burger

How many awards has Veronica Roth won?

Veronica Roth has won 5 Goodreads awards in various categories for her books ‘Divergent,’ ‘Insurgent, and ‘Allegiant.’

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