An escort is a citizen of the Capitol appointed to take care of the tributes’ schedules during the Hunger Games.

The Definitive Glossary for The Hunger Games

The escort stays with their district tributes from the time of the reaping till the beginning of the Hunger Games. This allows them to guide the tributes on the foreign ways of the Capitol. Katniss and Peeta’s escort for the 74th and 75th Hunger Games was a woman named Effie Trinket.

Who are Escorts?

Escorts are Capitol citizens whose main job is to guide the tributes in their various undertakings as a part of the Hunger Games. The manner of choosing an escort is not known. However, it is likely that Capitol citizens apply and even aspire to be escorts, as it brings them fame and reputation among the citizens.


The position of escort did not exist during the 10th Hunger Games when Lucy Gray Baird was chosen as the female tribute from District 12. It is believed that escorts were appointed after this when the Capitol realized that the reaping at the 10th Hunger Games was rigged by the Mayor of District 12.

Thus, instead of having the Mayor (who was ultimately a district citizen) draw the names from the bowls, the Capitol appointed escorts to do so. This increased the amount of control the Capitol had over the choice of tributes each year. It also contributed to the pageantry of the Games, as the escorts made it a point to treat the Games as a celebration as opposed to it being a death sentence to the tributes.

What are Escorts’ Jobs?

An escort’s main job is centered around the Hunger Games. A single escort is appointed to each district where they oversee the reaping and upon the selection of tributes, escort them to the Capitol.

Escorts are the main point of contact between the tributes and the Capitol. They arrange the tributes’ schedule 24 hours a day, including what they eat, when they go to sleep, and when they train for the Games. Further, they schedule appointments with the tributes’ prep teams whenever needed and help them prepare for the pre-Games interview.

Escorts also provide advice to the tributes. However, since the escorts have been brought up at the Capitol, they do not understand the world of the tributes, and, as such, their advice is almost always redundant. Escorts also take it upon themselves to teach the tributes the ways of the Capitol. This includes ‘civilizing’ them to whatever standard they deem necessary by teaching them table manners, a sense of fashion as well as how to carry oneself with poise and grace.


One of the most important tasks assigned to an escort is during the reaping. Escorts are required to not only choose a random name from the two bowls of tribute names but they are also tasked with announcing the chosen names to the people watching. Escorts usually turn the reaping into a grand affair, adding an air of ceremony to what would otherwise be a somber affair. They also dress for the part – wearing garish and colorful clothes to look good on camera.

Victory Tour

If an escort’s tribute happens to win the Hunger Games, then the escort is also required to accompany the tribute on the subsequent Victory Tour. Here, escorts not only manage the victor’s schedules as they tour the Capitol and the districts, but they also teach the victors how to behave and carry themselves on the tour.

List of Escorts

Effie Trinket, the escort assigned to District 12, is the only known escort in the Hunger Games trilogy. Effie acts as Katniss and Peeta’s escort for both the 74th and 75th Hunger Games. She is superficial and shallow, caring more about the appearance and table manners of her tributes than their mental torment at their imminent deaths. She is also unhappy with her position in District 12 and constantly wishes to be bumped up to a so-called ‘better’ district. However, this changes when Katniss and Peeta arrive on the scene. Effie becomes attached to the duo and is almost unhappy with the prospect of their deaths. 


What is an Escort in The Hunger Games?

An escort is a Capitol citizen who was assigned to a particular district to help the tributes understand the ways of the Capitol and adjust accordingly before the Hunger Games.

Who was Katniss’ escort in the Hunger Games?

The escort assigned to District 12, and thereby to Katniss and Peeta, was a woman named Effie Trinket. She was a shallow and superficial woman who did not understand the tributes’ concerns. However, she was kind-hearted and cared about Katniss and Peeta.

What is an escort’s job in the Hunger Games?

An escort is required to take care of a tribute’s schedule from the day of the reaping till the day they enter the arena. This includes helping them prepare for all of the pre-Hunger Games activities, including the infamous interview with Caesar Flickerman and the private training sessions.

Was Effie Trinket a victor or a rebel?

Being a Capitol citizen, Effie Trinket never participated in the Hunger Games. As such, she was never a victor. She did, however, reluctantly defect towards the rebels during the Second Rebellion, having been left with no choice due to her association with Katniss.

Why is Effie Trinket in District 13?

Effie Trinket was kidnapped by the rebels at the end of the Third Quarter Quell and brought to District 13. The rebels believed that if left in the Capitol, Effie might be tortured for vital information on Katniss and Peeta, and thus they brought her to District 13 to keep an eye on her.

How are escorts for the Hunger Games chosen?

It is not known how escorts for the Hunger Games are chosen. It is likely, however, that it is a coveted job that Capitol citizens apply for on a regular basis.

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