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The well-loved characters of ‘Paper Towns’ include Quentin, Margo, and Radar. These characters, among others, made the book a bestseller.

Paper Towns

John Green

One of the criticisms leveled at the book ‘Paper Towns’ is that the characters fall into ”types” and are not necessarily well-rounded. Readers can come to their own conclusions regarding Green’s characterizations. ‘Paper Towns‘ is fast-paced, and sometimes the characterization is sacrificed for plot development.

paper towns characters

Quentin “Q” Jacobsen

Quentin is the book’s primary protagonist. As a young boy, he discovers a body, an event that has a profound effect on him. He is a little on the nerdy side and generally does pretty well at school. He became estranged from Margo, despite being neighbors, and as young adults, they seldom talk – partially because they are in different “social classes.” He is a thoughtful, considerate young man who is generally pretty risk aversive.

Margo Roth Spiegelman

Margo presents herself initially as a free-spirited, wild child. She, too, saw the dead body as a child, and it changed her in a different way from Q. She starts the novel as a whirlwind, whisking Q off on an adventure, and then just disappears. It turns out that a lot of her escapades have been misattributed, and the image of her is largely a front.

Ben Starling

Ben provides comic relief throughout the novel. Yes, he is a bit of a nerd. He is a member of the school band, but he is the one with the potential to be quite popular. His relationship with Lacey seems unlikely, but they seem to bond due to them both being very loyal to their friends.

Marcus “Radar”

Radar is a quirky character. He got his nickname based on a character from the TV show MASH. His parents have the world’s largest collection of black Santas. Radar is often the voice of reason throughout the novel.

Lacey Pemberton

Lacey is Margo’s best friend. She has a reputation for being pretty but dumb but does not fall into that stereotype at all. She develops a strong relationship with Ben. In addition to this cast of characters are Margo’s boyfriend and ex-best friend.

Chuck Parson

While the main characters tend to be well fleshed out, that is not always the case with the side characters. Chuck is a stereotypical “meathead.” He bullies people, and when Margo asks Q who he would like to take revenge on, and he cannot think of anyone, it is Chuck that Margo suggests.

Jase Worthington

Jason is Margo’s ex-boyfriend. He is the recipient of Margo’s initial plot. The reason she seeks to take revenge on him is the fact that he has been having an affair with Margo’s friend Becca.

Becca Arrington

Becca is a cruel character who has been seeing Jase behind Margo’s back. We do not really get to see a softer side to this character, and later in the novel, she spreads nasty rumors about Lacey.


Who is the protagonist of Paper Towns?

The protagonist is Quentin “Q” Jacobsen. The novel is based on his experiences.

Who is the bully in Paper Towns?

The bully is Chuck Parson. He is a stereotypical figure who falls clearly into the category.

Who is Margo’s boyfriend in Paper Towns?

Margo’s boyfriend is Jase. She finds out he’s cheating on her at the beginning of the novel and takes revenge.

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