Paper Towns

'Paper Towns' is the fourth novel by author John Green. The book tells the story of a young man chasing the girl he is fascinated with across the US following clues.

Paper Towns Characters 📌

The well-loved characters of ‘Paper Towns’ include Quentin, Margo, and Radar. These characters, among others, made the book a bestseller.

Paper Towns Historical Context 📌

‘Paper Towns’ was written right near the start of the 21st century. The language used by the characters is very much in keeping with the era.

Paper Towns Review ⭐

‘Paper Towns,’ to some, is considered John Green’s best work. It tells the story of follows a group of high school students as they follow clues, tracking down their friend Margo.

Paper Towns Quotes 💬

As with all John Green books, ‘Paper Towns’ features a wide variety of interesting quotes.