Gay Girl, Good God

'Gay Girl, Good God' is an expressive story that shares the author's journey through life as a same-sex-attracted woman. The book speaks on many issues Christians deal with when it comes to sin.

Gay Girl, Good God Best Quotes 💬

As a spoken word artist, Jackie Hill Perry has proven to be quite articulate. ‘Gay Girl, Good God’ contains motivating quotes that position the reader’s attention on God.

Gay Girl, Good God Character List 📖

‘Gay Girl, Good God’ is an inspiring novel that presents characters who contribute to Jackie Hill’s story of redemption from an ungodly life. Since the book is autobiographical, these characters are not artificial.

Gay Girl, Good God Themes and Analysis 📖

‘Gay Girl, Good God’ holds a set of themes with the goal to pass the message of deliverance from transgressions to its readers. These themes stretch from unbelief to faith in God.

Gay Girl, Good God Review ⭐

Although quite controversial, ‘Gay Girl, Good God’ accomplishes its purpose of enlightening Christians on the effects of sin. It also addresses the Church’s relations with perceived unbelievers. 

Gay Girl, Good God Historical Context 📖

In 1986, the Supreme Court of Missouri endorsed the prohibition of having “deviate sexual intercourse with another person of the same sex” in the state where Jackie was born.

Gay Girl, Good God Summary 📖

‘Gay Girl, Good God’ owns a short, straight, and revealing storyline that gives the narration of Jackie Hill Perry’s life before and after her acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ.