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Book Protagonist: Arya, Jon, Daenerys, Samwell, Bran
Publication Date: 2000
Genre: Fantasy


A Storm of Swords

By George R. R. Martin

Many elements make ‘A Storm of Swords’ one of the best fantasy novels; these include intricate attention to cause and effect, exceptionally realistic characterization, relatable characters, and an exquisite storyline.

From the prologue of ‘A Storm of Swords,’ George R. R. Martin sets a tone of agitation and anticipation. Gradually, the reader gets sucked into a vortex that makes them become an omniscient observer of the actions of many characters. Though the reader observes, the story hides its direction through intentional distractions. Then suddenly, all hell breaks loose.


The story of ‘A Storm of Swords’ is a remarkable piece of literature that uses excellent characterization and intense action to flow fluidly. George R. R. Martin’s use of emotional leverage makes the story conjure up emotions in the reader at a whim.

First, ‘A Storm of Swords’ begins in the Night’s Watch as Chett plans to kill Lord Mormont and Sam; this becomes a deal to the reader, who becomes agitated. However, the story puts out the flame of agitation and presents a new fill-in by bringing the presence of others.

The manner of approach A Storm of Swords’ uses to tell its story is by leading its reader on a path and suddenly cutting off that path; this style of storytelling makes the reader get more agitated and interested while knowing nothing about what may happen next.

Throughout the story, George R. R. Martin uses the unique style of leading on and cutting off to increase the reader’s anticipation for what will happen next. The story becomes so emotionally alluring that it becomes almost impossible not to focus on it. 

The alluring nature of ‘A Storm of Swords’ makes it create leverage over its reader when it changes pace.

Also, ‘A Storm of Swords’ perfectly adds cause and effect to its storyline. Unlike other stories where mistakes get overlooked, the story is critical of the mistakes its characters make.

Catelyn’s error of sending Jaime back to King’s Landing became the move that ruined her son’s war. With Robb marrying Jeyne and killing Karstark, he doomed himself.

Other characters had their fair share of mistakes impacting their lives for better or worse. Arya’s mistake of trusting Harwin led to her getting captured by Sandor Clegane, Jon falling in love with Ygritte led to a soul-crushing heartbreak as she died on the battleground, and Tyrion, trying to be just, led to him getting betrayed by everyone.

Other characters had their fair share of their mistakes, intensely impacting their lives for better or worse. Arya’s mistake of trusting Harwin led to her getting captured by Sandor Clegane, Jon falling in love with Ygritte led to a soul-crushing heartbreak as she died on the battleground, and Tyrion, trying to be just, led to him getting betrayed by everyone.


‘A Storm of Swords’ uses impeccably defined characters in its story. From the prologue to the epilogue, George R. R. Martin introduces characters with goals, emotions, and ideologies.

As the story focuses on many events in Essos and Westeros, the characters perfectly sync with George’s view of their world. On her way back to Pentos, Daenerys gets advice from Arstan to get an army for herself; this becomes the basis for her becoming a conqueror and queen. Throughout the novel, she gains more knowledge of the world and reaffirms her will to rule Westeros.

Other characters in the story develop as they mature from childhood to adulthood. Jon Snow becomes a man as he learns the meaning of love and loss, Arya learns the true meaning of grief as she watches as her mother and brother get killed, and Bran becomes wiser as he discovers the secrets of the seven kingdoms.

‘A Storm of Swords’ also excels at using minor characters. Throughout the story, the minor characters are excellently defined and have an impact on events. From Sandor Clegane to Thoros, Barristan Selmy, Ygritte, and Tywin Lannister, the minor characters had distinct views of the world; this made them create better antagonization or support to the primary characters.


‘A Storm of Swords’ uses intricate dialogue to reveal its characters’ emotions as they navigate a world of intense pain and suffering. From Tyrion to Arya, Jon, and Sansa, dialogues are a crucial part of their growth as they realize that reality is cruel and unforgiving.

Tyrion’s dialogues showed a man pained by the scars of war. Though he gave everything to save King’s Landing from Stannis’s invasion, the only things he got in return were insults and humiliation. Tyrion’s dialogues with other characters showed how he grew from resenting his father to completely hate him.

Daenerys’s dialogues showed how she grew from a naïve young Khaleesi to a great queen ready to rule the people she freed. Her interactions with Arstan, Krazyns, and Jorah Mormont made her see the world in a different light. She learned about her ancestry and how to trust the right people.

Other characters like Bran, Jon, Arya, and Sansa saw the world from different views as they interacted with different people. Jon’s interactions with Ygritte made him change his perspective on the wildlings. He began seeing them as ordinary people who lived in a harsh environment with few resources that forced them to be what they were.

Writing Style and Conclusion

‘A Storm of Swords’ used a limited perspective to tell its story. With each primary character’s perspective, a distinct point of view got adopted in their storytelling. The eloquent dialogues and excellent thematic and figurative language structure make it remarkable.

For its ending, ‘A Storm of Swords’ ends on many cliffhangers. From Daenerys deciding to stay in Meeren to Tyrion killing his father, Arya getting on a boat heading for Braavos, and Sansa learning the truth about Jon Aryyn, the novel ending makes the reader want more.


Is A Storm of Swords a good story?

‘A Storm of Swords’ is an excellent story. The characters are original, the worldbuilding is immaculate, the dialogues are refreshing, and George R. R. Martin explores the realistic nature of cause and effect.

How good is the character design of A Storm of Swords?

What makes ‘A Storm of Swords’ stand out is how good the character design is. In the story, George R. R. Martin creates distinct characters. There are no filler characters and every character, primary or minor, has its own goals.

Is it stressful to read A Storm of Swords?

It may be a bit overwhelming to plow through the almost unending pages of ‘A Storm of Swords,’ but it is not complicated to read.

Should I read A Storm of Swords?

Yes, the story is remarkable. The characters are relatable, the dialogues are natural, and the ending is thrilling.

A Storm of Swords Review
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  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Dialogues
  • Conclusion
  • Lasting Effect on Reader

A Storm of Swords Review: Harsh Justice is still Justice

‘A Storm of Swords’ tells the story of the people of Westeros during the War of the Five Kings. It shows the struggle to survive in a world of bloodshed and corruption.


  • The story is incredible.
  • The characters are well defined.
  • The dialogues are fluid and immaculate.
  • There is a realistic portrayal of cause and effect.


  • The novel is lengthy.
  • The characters may be hard to track.
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