Free City of Tyrosh

The Free City of Tyrosh got founded as a Valyrian military outpost. It quickly grew to become a wealthy city after a rare snail got discovered.

The Definitive Glossary for Game of Thrones

The Free City of Tyrosh is a harbor city and lies off the coast of the Disputed Lands of Essos, an area that has bred conflict between it, Lys, and Myr. It is a city of trade and cares about wealth more than anything, and like other cities of Essos, it heavily deals in the slave trade and has pleasure houses, which are not as pristine as those in Lys. Situated north of the Stepstones, the mercantile city-state has slaves outnumber free-born citizens three to one.

Although the Free City of Tyrosh prospered during the Valyrian Empire’s era, problems came after the Doom when Volantis tried to become the dominant force in Essos. Volantis tried taking the city after it had defeated Lys and Myr, but its attempt led to its downfall as other Free Cities entered the conflict supporting Tyrosh.

Free City of Tyrosh Details

  • Name: Tyrosh.
  • Year Founded: The Era of the Valyrian Empire.
  • Government: Archon of Tyrosh.
  • Notable Places: Temple of Trios, Fountain of the Drunken God, Bleeding Tower.


Tyrosh is a large fortress city with inner walls made from fused dragonstone. It is north of the Stepstones and has a harbor where the Bleeding Tower resides. Tyrosh has a massive fleet and a population greater than some cities in Westeros, like Sunspear.

Inside the Free City of Tyrosh lies many shrines in honor of numerous deities. As there is no established faith in the mercantile state, there are many places of worship for different followers. The most prominent temples are the Temple of Trios which has a gigantic three-headed statue of Trios, the Red Temple of Rh’llor, and the Temple of The Patternmaker. Tyrosh also has pleasure houses. However, they are nowhere near the level of those found in Lys.

Government and People

The Tyroshi love bright colors and are greedy and noisy. They dye their hair and beards green, pink, scarlet, vermillion, and purple. As a city of merchants, the wealthiest class chooses one of the members of the Conclave of Magisters to become the Archon of Tyrosh. For many years the Tyroshi, Lyseni, and Myrmen have fought over the control of the Stepstones and Disputed Lands. Tyroshi inventors are also known for creating ornate helmets and many torture devices.

The Tyroshi speak a corrupted form of High Valyrian. It got described by many people as a fluid-like tongue. Chett, a member of the Night’s Watch who came from Hag’s Mire, stated the Tyroshi tongue sounded like a wet girly tongue. Tyrion Lannister found the language to be ludicrous when Collio Quaynis spoke it.


Tyrosh is a city that heavily deals in the slave trade of Essos. Tyroshi slavers are known for their aggressiveness as some travel beyond the Wall to capture Wildlings to enslave. The city also has at least one bank and has many exportable products like pear brandy, baked honeyfingers, gilded helms, filigreed armor, and ornate helmets.



Tyrosh was first a military outpost for the Valyrian Freehold. After discovering a specific type of sea snail that could produce different colors, many merchants flocked to the city and built it up. In no time, the snails became a hit among the Valyrian nobles.

Post Doom

After the Doom of the Valyrian Freehold, some dragonlords survived and were in Tyrosh. However, they and their dragons got killed. During the Century of Blood, Volantis tried to take control of Tyrosh, but Pentos entered the conflict alongside two Westerosi, Lord Aegon Targaryen and Storm King Argilac Durrandon. The war ended in a loss for Volantis.

In 49 AC, the Archon of Tyrosh traveled to the Seven Kingdoms for the Golden Wedding between Alyssa Velaryon and Rogar Baratheon. Later, it got suggested that King Jaehaerys I Targaryen should take the Archon of Tyrosh’s daughter as a bride. However, Alyssa disputed the idea, stating that people would not accept a foreign queen. Eventually, Ser Orryn Baratheon wedded the Archon’s daughter. 

In 55 AC, Tyrosh and Pentos fought a war that disrupted trade across the Narrow Sea. King Jaehaerys called both sides to make peace, and with his serving as a mediator, the Treaty of Eternal Peace got created.

The Daughter’s War

Upon Volantis’s defeat, Tyrosh, Lys, and Myr formed a Triarchy. They would go to war with Price Daemon Targaryen over the Stepstones, and Racallio Ryndoon would lead an invasion fleet against the prince. 

During the Dance of the Dragons, the Triarchy allied with the Greens, and a Tyroshi captain captured Prince Viserys Targaryen. However, the prince got claimed by the Triarchy’s admiral, Sharako Lohar of Lys. After Shakaro’s murder, Racallio declared himself King of the Narrow Sea, and war broke out among the Triarchy. Lys and Myr eventually made peace and began attacking Tyrosh.

Tyrosh allied with Braavos and Racallio, but their unity ended after an attack by Lord Alyn Velaryon. Dorne ultimately joined the war against Racallio after the self-proclaimed King of the Narrow Sea gained control over the Stepstones. The Daughter’s War ended with Tyrosh gaining control over a larger size of the Disputed Lands.

When the Rogare Bank fell during the Lysene Spring, Moredo Rogare to Braavos from the Vale of Arryn. He later sailed for Tyrosh and got mercenaries for an attack on Lys.

The Targaryen and Blackfyres

King Aegon IV Targaryen organized his bastard son Daemon Blackfyre’s betrothal with Rohanne of Tyrosh. However, before the wedding, he died, and his successor King Daeron II Targaryen, had to pay the dowry to the Archon of Tyrosh. As Aegon IV had declared his bastard children legitimate before his death, Daemon claimed the Iron Throne. 

The first Blackfyre Rebellion ended with Damon and his two eldest son’s death. Aegor Rivers gathered his Daemon’s surviving children and wife and fled to Tyrosh. Later, Kiera of Tyrosh married Valarr Targaryen and remarried Prince Daeron Targaryen, Valarr’s cousin, after her husband’s death. With Daeron, Kiera had Princess Vaella.

War of the Ninepenny Kings

The Band of Nine, a group of pirates, merchants, and sellswords, captured the Disputed Lands and sacked Tyrosh. Alequo Adarys got placed in charge of Tyrosh, replacing the Archon. However, after the Band of Nine’s defeat, Alequo continued ruling for six years until he got poisoned by his wife.

Recent History

When Lyanna Stark got allegedly kidnapped by Rhaegar Targaryen, her brother Brandon stormed King’s Landing. However, King Aerys II, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, strangled him with a Tyroshi device. He also killed Rickard Stark, sparking Robert’s Rebellion. After the Targaryen’s fall, Daenerys and Viserys Targaryen stayed at Tyrosh. Thus, Dany spoke High Valyrian with a Tyroshi accent.

When Prince Doran Martell tried sending his daughter Arianne Martell to Tyrosh to serve as the cupbearer to the Archon, his wife, Lady Mellario of Norvos, threatened to kill herself if her daughter got taken away from her.

Relevance in A Song of Ice and Fire

A Game of Thrones

The Archon of Tyrosh attends Daenerys’s introduction to Khal Drogo in Pentos. When Dany arrives at the market of Vaes Dothrak, the scent of garlic and roast peppers reminds her of the time she and her brother spent in Myr and Tyrosh. In Westeros, a Tyroshi sellsword leading Ser Forley Prester’s free riders decamps to Robb Stark’s army.

A Clash of Kings

Theon Greyjoy sees a Tyroshi galley at Lordsport, and Tyrion Lannister sees a purple-bearded Tyroshi at Chataya’s brothel.

A Feast for Crows

The Free City of Tyrosh and Lyr fall into a dispute and are on the brink of war. Meanwhile, in Dorne, Doran Martell tells his daughter he had wanted to send her to Tyrosh to meet Viserys Targaryen, her betrothed, but her mother refused. In Braavos, Cat of the Canals likes the Tyroshi’s sailors dressing. 

In King’s Landing, a Tyroshi sailor brings Cersei Lannister a Dwarf’s head. In the Happy Port in Braavos, Samwell Tarly seels a passed-out Tyroshi. His ship later stops at Tyrosh’s harbor, where Sam learns that the ironborn captured a Tyroshi merchant, killed the ship’s crew, and tried to sneak into Oldtown.

A Dance with Dragons

Penny’s brother gets dismembered, and his body appears at the Temple of Trios in Tyrosh. Young Griff dyes his hair blue. However, Jon Connington claims he is Aegon Targaryen, Rhaegar’s son when they reach Westeros.

Relevance in Adaptation

In HBO’s House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones, Tyrosh influenced Westeros’s politics. In HOTD, they formed an alliance with Myr and Lys known as the Triarchy.

In Game of Thrones, when Daenerys and her army lay siege on Yunkai, the city’s leaders hire the Second Sons to counter Dany. However, one of the high-ranking lieutenants in the company Daario Naharis beheads the other captains and joins Dany’s cause.

The Free City of Tyrosh: A City of Colors

Tyrosh is a city of color. It valued expression, and its people lived life to the fullest, except the slaves. Having been in so many conflicts since its creation, it got tough and sought ways to propel its interests. However, its practice of slavery was one of its greatest sins.


Is Tyrosh worse than Lys in slavery?

Tyrosh and Lys are almost the same in their slavery activities, but the Lyseni breed humans like animals to get finer bedslaves. However, both cities have cruel customs.

Did Volantis beat Tyrosh in the Century of Blood?

No. Volantis fell when it tried gaining control of Tyrosh as Pentos, Aegon Targaryen, and the Westerosi King Argilac Durrandon entered the conflict. Aegon destroyed the Volantene fleet, giving Myr and Lys enough power to stage rebellions. 

What happened to Tyrosh after the Doom of Valyria?

When the Valyrian Empire fell, the Tyroshi killed the dragons and dragonlords left in their city. They built their system of government and gained independence to become a Free City.

Where is Tyrosh?

Tyrosh is one of the Free Cities found on the continent of Essos. Daenerys Targaryen and her brother Viserys stayed in the city while they wandered through Essos.

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