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Being the third novel in the Dune series, ‘Children of Dune’ concluded Paul Atreides’s story and set the path for the story of a new empire governed by a man willing to steer humanity in the direction of preservation.

Children of Dune

Frank Herbert

With an exceptionally fantastic story plot, exceptional characters, and intricate world-building, ‘Children of Dune’ remains one of Frank Herbert’s best novels and the first best-selling science fiction novel in history. ‘Children of Dune’ is the novel that sets the stage for the next chapter of what happens to the padishah empire. The book shows the death of the first hero, Paul Atreides, and launches the story of Leto II Atreides. ‘Children of Dune’ received positive accolades from readers because the novel created an intensely political atmosphere around Arrakis.

Children of Dune Review


After ‘Dune,’ Frank Herbert made a U-turn on his hero, Paul Atreides, and decided to show the world that Paul was nothing but human. His design of ‘Dune Messiah’ made fans and readers shocked at how much he antagonized his hero. ‘Children of Dune’ is a conclusion to Paul’s story, and simultaneously, it starts the story of the next heroes of the Padishah Empire. The story progresses rapidly and places Paul’s infant children in a position where their lives are at stake. However, Paul’s children had enemies within and outside Arrakis.

Frank Herbert used ‘Children of Dune’ to show his thoughts on government, politics, and religion. He did not speak as an author as he spoke through his character, Paul Atreides. Frank Herbert used the blind preacher to show how far down heroes fall. Paul’s attack on religious fanatism and politics reflects the author’s mind, who hated the idea of governments exploiting their citizens through political and religious control.


The story of ‘Children of Dune’ uses its characters meticulously. With the story plot split among three planets, Frank Herbert ensured to focus the action around a select number of characters. The amount of character control exerted in the book makes it an incredible masterpiece. He used his characters meticulously to remove plot holes in the story. He also used his secondary characters meticulously, leaving the novel with no redundant characters. Between primary and secondary characters, fluidity existed in conversations.


The dialogues in the novel give the reader a picture of the thoughts and feelings of many characters. From Paul as the blind preacher to Leto II, Stilgar, and Duncan, the dialogues in ‘Children of Dune’ creates a bridge linking each character with another. With intricate conversations between characters, Frank Herbert revealed his mind and showed the world what his thoughts on matters like politics, religion, and family were. Frank Herbert’s ideologies got etched into the conversation of his characters, giving them depth. 

Writing Style and Conclusion

‘Children of Dune’ got written with a unique style that paid attention to minute details. Though this was great, it over-explained a scene to the reader. Frank Herbert’s crafty design of ‘Children of Dune’ made his story become one of the greatest novels in science fiction history.

‘Children of Dune’ ends subtly, but its ending introduces curiosity into the reader’s mind. After Leto II becomes the emperor, the reader becomes curious about what happens next in the universe.


Is Children of Dune a good story?

‘Children of Dune’ is a great story that focuses on the struggle for political dominance in a world where a commodity controls power balance. With themes of family, religion, and change, ‘Children of Dune’ remains one of Frank Herbert’s top novels.

Which is better Dune or Children of Dune?

‘Dune’ is an exceptionally fantastic novel that introduced readers to a world of politics, ecology, and power struggle. With its detailed world-building and its flare of characters, action, and story, it was a novel that remained a reader’s favorite. ‘Children of Dune’ is the third part in the Dune series and though it is not as broad as ‘Dune,’ it is a more complex novel; this complexity arises from a world left in chaos after a heroic emperor walked into the desert. The book’s pivotal role in the Dune series launched a new chapter of the story.

Who killed Paul Atreides in Children of Dune?

On reaching the capital of Arrakis, Paul began preaching against Alia and her ideologies; this led her priests to stab Paul to death.

Does Children of Dune end well?

‘Children of Dune’ ends with Alia dying and Leto II becoming the emperor. Leto II married his sister, and Farad’n became her consort and Leto II’s scribe.

Children of Dune
  • Story
  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Writing Style
  • Dialogue
  • Conclusion
  • Lasting Effect on Reader

Children of Dune Review: The Gift of Words is the Gift of Deception

‘Children of Dune’ is the third novel in Frank Herbert’s epic tale of politics, power, and family. The story takes off from where the previous stops and shows the political struggle after Paul leaves the Golden Lion Throne. 


  • Incredible story
  • Excellent Characters
  • Detail description of events and actions
  • Flawless story structure.


  • The novel is lengthy
  • Some characters introduced lacked a solid background
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