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‘Children of Dune’ introduced new characters to the changing dynamic of Frank Herbert’s world. With the mutating ecology and politics of Arrakis, many characters surfaced in the story.

Children of Dune

Frank Herbert

After Paul walked into the desert, he left an Empire soaked in his heroism; this created a rift of power imbalance that escalated into political instability in the Padishah Empire. Though Paul used the Fremen jihad to destroy all opposition, he birthed political conspiracies and hatred; this hatred seeped into the story of ‘Children of Dune,’ and it placed Paul’s children at the center of a power struggle with their lives at stake.

Children of Dune Characters

Leto II Atreides

Leto II is a primary character in the story of ‘Children of Dune.’ He has red hair and blue-in-blue eyes. After his mother dies and his father walks into the desert a blind man, Leto gets faced with the challenge of seeing himself and his sister through the turbulent political war for the throne, which was one of the main themes in ‘Children of Dune’. Born with prescience, Leto II and his sister had an advantage that helped them navigate the power struggle. After surviving an assassination attempt on his life by Princess Wensicia, Leto II escaped into the desert to find the blind preacher who had arisen and begun talking against the empire and the blind faith of the Muad’Dib’s followers.

On getting captured by a band of Fremen outlaws, Leto II gets exposed to excess Melange; this causes him to undergo a spice trance. While in spice trance, Leto II sees the destruction of humanity and theorizes a plan to save humanity from destruction; he calls it the Golden Path. After escaping his captures, Leto II becomes a superhuman by fusing himself with a school of sand trout. Leto II becomes a god-like creature. Leto II finds the preacher and discovers it is Paul Atreides, his father. Leto and Paul return to the capital, where they face off Alia in one last battle. Leto II wins and declares himself the emperor.

Paul Atreides

Paul is a primary character in the novel. After walking into the desert, a blind man, Paul resurfaces years later as a preacher and begins to talk against the governance of his sister, Alia. Paul rebuked the mixture of law and religion, and soon, he amassed many followers. His son, Leto II, leaves to find him, and after they reunite, they head to the palace to save Ghanima. Paul began preaching against Alia and the religion of the Muad’Dib; this angered Alia and her priests, and Paul got stabbed, leading to his death. Alia realized that the blind man dead was none other than her brother, Paul Atreides.

Ghanima Atreides

Ghanima Atreides is Paul’s daughter and Leto II’s sister. After the death of their mother, Paul walked into the desert, leaving Ghanima and her brother in the care of Stilgar, Princess Irulan, and Alia. However, Alia began succumbing to the abomination, and soon, she became malicious towards Ghanima and her brother. After attempting to take Ghanima and her brother’s life, Leto II journeys into the desert to seek out the preacher. Ghanima hypnotizes herself into believing that Leto II is dead.

On discovering Ghanima’s life is in danger, Princess Irulan hands her over to Stilgar, who becomes her protector. After Stilgar kills Duncan Idaho, he flees into hiding with Ghanima, but she gets recaptured by Alia. Realizing an opportunity, Alia promises Farad’n Ghanima in hopes of ensuring he got killed by her as revenge for her brother’s death. Months later, Leto II and Paul return to the palace. Leto reveals himself to everyone, and it triggers Ghanima’s memories. Leto II declares himself emperor and marries Ghanima, while Farad’n becomes her consort.

Alia Atreides

Alia, also known as Saint Alia of the Knife, is the primary antagonist in ‘Children of Dune.’ After Paul walks into the desert, Alia becomes the regent of the Padishah Empire. Gradually, she begins to succumb to the abomination; this causes her to become malicious towards Paul’s children, Leto II and Ghanima. After her mother, Jessica, returns to Arrakis, Alia plans an assassination on her but fails. Jessica escapes and travels out of Arrakis. After a failed assassination attempt on Leto II and Ghanima, Princess Irulan discovers Alia has become a threat and hands Ghanima over to Stilgar for protection.

Believing that Leto II is dead, Alia promises Ghanima to Farad’n, hoping she kills him for revenge. Leto II returns to the capital with the blind preacher, who Alia had always suspected as her brother, Paul. After Paul and Leto II show up, Ghanima regains her memories. After Paul gets killed, Alia bans all forms of expression throughout the empire by creating the Mahindate, a fanatically religious organization. Now overpowered by the abomination, Alia becomes fully possessed by the ego memory of Baron Harkonnen. She kills herself by jumping off a high window.

Farad’n Corrino

Farad’n Corrino is the son of Princess Wensicia, regent of the House of Corrino, and the grandson of former padishah Emperor Shaddam IV. After the fall of the House of Corrino, Farad’n moved to Selusa Secundus, where he got trained. After Alia tries to kill Jessica, she flees to Selusa Secundus and becomes Farad’n’s mentor. With her training, Farad’n seizes power from his mother and sides with the Bene Gesserit, who promised him Ghanima as his wife. After Leto II becomes the emperor, he asks Farad’n for the Sardaukar, and in exchange, Farad’n becomes the consort to Ghanima, Leto II’s sister.

Lady Jessica

Lady Jessica is Paul and Alia Atreides’s mother and the grandmother of Leto II and Ghanima. After the death of her husband, Leto, Jessica returns to Caladan, where she imposes a self-seclusion on herself. However, after hearing rumors about her daughter, she returns to Arrakis. Jessica discovers her daughter succumbed to the abomination and partners with Duncan Idaho, Alia’s lover. With Duncan’s help, Jessica evades an assassination and flees to Selusa Secundus. Though she escapes to Selusa Secundus, Jessica leaves behind Gurney Halleck, who joins a band of Fremen outlaws to capture Leto II. Jessica becomes Farad’n’s mentor. After Paul and Alia’s death, Jessica returns to Caladan.

Duncan Idaho

Duncan Idaho is an interesting character in the Dune universe. What makes Duncan unique in ‘Children of Dune’ is that he is a Ghola of the original Duncan. After getting killed defending the Atreides from the invasion of the Harkonnens, Duncan gets turned into a Ghola called Hayt. After recovering his memories, Hayt becomes Duncan again and falls in love with Alia. Discovering she had changed for the worse, Duncan helps Jessica off Arrakis to Selusa Secundus. Duncan later dies as he gets killed by Stilgar, who felt offended by his insult.


After Paul became the emperor of the universe, Stilgar served as a governor and trusted adviser to him. Paul places his children in Stilgar, Princess Irulan, and Alia’s care. However, after Alia started succumbing to the abomination, Stilgar feared for the safety of Leto II and Ghanima. After the assassination attempt on Leto II and Ghanima fails, Princess Irulan places Ghanima in Stilgar’s care, and when he kills Duncan Idaho, Stilgar flees with Ghanima. Ghanima later gets recaptured by Alia.

Princess Wensicia

Princess Wensicia became the regent for the House of Corrino after the fall of the Corrino reign. Aggrieved by her father’s dethronement, Wensicia begins plotting against Paul, and when he walks into the desert, she targets his children. Sending assassin tigers after them, Princess Wensicia almost succeeds in killing Leto II and his sister, but they manage to escape. Later, Jessica travels to Selusa Secundus, where she mentors Wensicia’s son, Farad’n, who dethrones his mother to become the leader of the House of Corrino.

Gurney Halleck

Gurney Halleck was the Mentat for Paul’s father, Leto. After he got enslaved by Baron Harkonnen, Gurney incited confusion into the mind of the Baron. After the defeat of the Harkonnens and Corrins, Gurney resumed his work as Jessica’s aid. Gurney returns to Arrakis with Jessica, and on her orders, he infiltrated Jacurutu, the Fremen outlaw group that captured Leto II. On his suggestion, Leto II gets forced into a spice trance; this enables him to create the Golden Path.

Other notable characters from the novel include Javid, Namri, and Muriz.


Who is Farad’n in Children of Dune?

Farad’n is the son of Princess Wensicia and the grandson of Shaddam IV, the former padishah emperor. After an attempt on her life, Jessica escapes Arrakis to Selusa Secundus, where she becomes a mentor to Farad’n. With her training, Farad’n seizes power from his mother and becomes the head of the House of Corrino.

What happens to Duncan Idaho in Children of Dune?

Duncan Idaho became Alia’s husband after she assumed the position of regent. However, he noticed Alia had succumbed to the abomination. After discovering her plan to kill Jessica, Duncan smuggles her out of Arrakis. Duncan Idaho later got killed by Stilgar after he provoked him.

Who is the blind preacher in Children of Dune?

After he arose from the desert, the blind preacher’s identity became a mystery to Alia and others who followed the Muad’Dib’s religion. However, with clues from knowing her brother, Alia discovered that the preacher was Paul Atreides.

What killed Alia in Children of Dune?

Alia died by committing suicide. After Leto II revealed himself, he realized that Alia got possessed by Baron Harkonnen. Though offering to help her, Alia declined and jumped off a window.

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