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We take a look at some of Frances Burnett’s most memorable books, for which she is known for creating best-selling pieces of works.

Frances Hodgson Burnett

(1849 - 1924), British Novelist

Frances Hodgson Burnett, who is also Frances Eliza Hodgson, is an American playwright who wrote about Fifty-five titles. Five of these titles became best-sellers. Thirteen of them were adapted for stage presentation. Frances had a long and successful writing career. She is very much known for the children’s books she wrote. Still, she had books written for adults. Her books focused on the importance of nature, magic, friendship, kindness, family, and optimism. 

Frances Burnett Best Books

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden‘ focuses on the early life and growth of children from wealthy homes. The main character known as Mary Lennox is made to leave her parent’s home when they die. She lives with an Uncle who ensures she is well catered for but is an unavailable guardian. With much freedom on her hands, the young girl goes exploring and discovers a hidden garden. She immediately takes it upon herself to care for this garden. Her inquisitiveness also leads her to her cousin, who has been locked up for years. A bond of friendship is formed between them. 

Mary is also able to meet and relate well with her maid and her brother, Dickon. The healthy friendship established between these three plays a role in bringing Mary out of her haughty countenance and turning her into a better child. Colin is not left out. His negative thoughts are replaced with positive ones.

Through relations with the right people,  Colin Craven is able to see the truth about his health situation, which leads to his mental and physical freedom.

The Little Princess

This is also a novel written for children. This story is an expanded version of a short story titled ‘Sara Crewe.’ It is published in the form of a book in 1888. Sara Crewe, who enjoys student life in a private school in London, has her happiness cut short when her father dies. She immediately becomes a poor child.  Before her father’s death, she is a well-loved and comfortable child.  Sara likes to think of herself as a princess, yet she remained humble. Sara is hated by an older student named Lavinia, but the rest of the students adore Sara. Even with the unwarranted harsh treatment, the young girl remains kind and full of courage. 

Lavinia is not the only problem Sara Crewe has. There is a Miss Minchin who also dislikes the young girl. When Sara’s father dies, Miss Minchin ensures to treat Sara poorly and makes her work tirelessly. The once happy and comfortable child is made to suffer hunger and hostility. 

Good luck eventually shines on the poorly treated Sara when her father’s former business associate discovers and gives her the riches gotten from a successful business deal. A business profit that wasn’t given to her father before he died.  Sara uses her newly found wealth to cater to the poor.

Little Lord Fauntleroy

It was published in 1886. The son of an English earl decides to be rebellious by marrying an American against the wish of his father. This son dies, and his wife calls their child: Cedric Errol. Cedric is a cheerful, generous, and affectionate young lad. He soon leaves for England when his uncles die. In England, he is indulged by the ailing old earl. The old earl ignores his daughter-in-law but is comfortable with his grandson. 

His grandson, Fauntleroy, enjoys his new wealth and his grandfather’s affection. Lord Fauntleroy also encourages his grandfather to begin charitable projects and improve his tenants’ living situation. Unfortunately, another American woman springs up and tries to claim the old earl’s estate for her son. Her claims are denied, the old earl reconciles with Fauntleroy’s mother, and they all live blissfully.

The Lost Prince

This book is a romance for children. It is about Marco Loristan, his father and his friend.  When Marco and his father move to London, Marco strikes a friendship with a crippled street urchin called “The Rat.” Marco’s father is a Samavian patriot who is working to overthrow the dictatorship in the kingdom of Samavia.  Stefan, who is Marco’s father, soon needs help and decides to send his son and The Rat on a secret mission to travel across Europe. The boys encounter many obstacles and dangers while on this journey. They eventually succeed, and this brings about a revolution that succeeds in overcoming the old regime and crowning the rightful king.  

The Land Of The Blue Flower

Amor is a young boy who ascends the throne when his parents die.  Before he is crowned king, he lives in the care of an old, wise man.  The land that Amor is set to govern is a sad and lonely one. Amor soon discovers a flower and declares that this particularly rare and delicate blue flower should be planted so that happiness can blossom throughout the kingdom.  Again, Frances Hodgson Burnett states the I poof nature to humans. 

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